Scenes from the Chris King Open House

Finally! I finally made it to a Chris King Open House. Over the years, I’ve heard how much fun these events are. The events began on Thursday with an Industry Summit. On Friday we rode out to Chris King’s barn for lunch and Saturday, the doors at the Chris King factory opened to the public where visitors could take tours of the facilities, see the DropSet in person, check out the new limited edition colors – Matte Mango and Matte Turquoise – and ogle the bikes on display from 18 frame builders.

We’ll take a look at those tomorrow, but for now, let’s look inside the Chris King Open House!


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23 responses to “Scenes from the Chris King Open House”

  1. Jon B. says:

    Please sell bourbon CK products, please.

    • John Watson says:

      I know right? Best color they’ve done. Problem is the dye is too finicky to get consistent results. Even in the same anodizing tray!

    • Chris King Precision Component says:

      Believe me, we want to! Hopefully we can find a way to use this unstable dye and still make the offering work. It is “Small Batch Bourbon” after all.

  2. Western Rapid says:

    Feel a bit sad looking at those old Cielo frames. If there was one brand that would’ve nailed a feel-good 650B ‘gravel’ frame, it’s them. Really think it’s something they should consider rebooting…

  3. Robert Hill says:

    HUB is good stuff. Wish I could find their IPA more often in SF.

  4. mark rothschild says:

    They came for the Bikes…Stayed for the NASHI RAMEN!!!

  5. Richard says:

    The fade on that Stinner, tho. And the orange headset just pops!

    • Chris King Precision Component says:

      It’s such a smooth fade, and with all of the little splatter stars it shot straight to my heart.

  6. Dean Taylor says:

    That copper is off the hook!

  7. bruce golla says:

    it is interesting that Chris king company would have cannabis decorated stuff. They are known to me as an anti weed company. No one that works at chris King can smoke weed, they drug test for it. Why would they use that as advertising?

  8. AdamBike99 says:

    I made it down Saturday, and it was a helluva good time. So much eye candy in such a compact footprint. Kudos to all at Chris King!

    And good to see you again John!

  9. Max G. says:

    I miss PDX.
    The pic. # 18 brings back memories of Oregon Manifest from 2009. Here are some shots of it.
    It’s a pity they don’t make Cielo bikes anymore. Was there any discussion about restarting them?

  10. Germanflea says:

    Everytime I see events at Chris King it makes me want to work there!

  11. Brad says:

    Great insight John, its a shame theres such a big distance between them and myself haha. Great looking at what everyones building and an insight into CK