A Farewell Pegoretti Love 3 Aluminum Road Bike

We’ve lost a lot of celebrities in the past few years but none shook me as much as the passing of Dario Pegoretti. The man was a legend. A true auteur. A builder that didn’t just weld bikes together, he created moving art. After the news settled of his death, I felt like I hadn’t paid my respects. That is until this bike rolled past me at Chris King the other day.

This weekend is the Chris King Open House, and to commemorate Pegoretti, Above Category shipped CKPC out this Love 3 aluminum road bike. Handmade and hand painted by the man himself. Aluminum you say? Yes! Dario made a small run of these bikes from Columbus’ XLR8 tubesets. He machined his own dropouts with replaceable hangers, used 30mm OS chainstays, a 31.6 seatpost for extra stiffness, and a threaded BB for worry-free rides. After his final fun of Love 3 frames, he continued his practice in steel.

Above Category built this bike up, as part of their permanent collection, so I had to show my respects to Pegoretti and give it some extra special love on the shop floor at Chris King, where the bottom bracket, headset, and hubs were machined.

Ride in Peace, Dario.


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  • stateofnonreturn

    Bike aside the lighting on this set is superb!

  • adventureroadbiker

    Those welds!!! Amazing!!

  • gbacoder

    sold out it seems :(

  • skunk ape

    Incredible. Reminds me of late 90’s work from The Designers Republic. I could actually talk myself into buying this thing…

  • I don’t usually care much of the painted-to-match stems but on this one it really works! I also like the bar code in the chain stay (I’d like to know if it actually reads). Attention to detail and amazing little touches make this a really cool bike.

  • David

    Fortunate to have two pegs. Neither is an L3. Neither has SR RS on it.
    I usually pay close attention to the pegs in social media world, especially at AC or East West. This one completely evaded me.

    Amazing rig. Rest in Peace, Maestro.

  • Richard

    Is it just me or are the angles on both the seat tube and the head tube quite slack? Also, Any idea who makes the bars? (3T like the stem?) Very old school looking with the more open angle tops to drops.

    • jtbadge

      Look like 3T Rotundos.

  • Chris Wagner

    This is the LAST Best year for Campagnolo SR. IMHO. Beautifully done.

  • AngryBikeWrench

    So much of this bike is perfect – I have a hard time imagining anything other than Campy on a Pegoretti, the bars with the classic curve, stem parallel to the top tube. These are throwbacks to the way classic Italian bikes were built, but on a completely modern bike. You get the best of all worlds – classic aesthetics with modern performance. I’m still really sad about Pegoretti’s passing. The world could really have used a lot more of his work.

  • Nick Paglia

    A fitting tribute.

  • floody

    Horizontal tt, drop stem, non-ergo bars, no wacky splayed spider or 4 bolt cranks, nothing particularly aero…super rad!

  • disqus_9GQw44dyM0

    Just beautiful in many ways. We have lost a true artist.