The Radavist Web Shop: Now’s Your Chance to Weigh In Sep 6, 2018

So this is big news for the Radavist as come (hopefully) November, we’ll have a webshop, launching in time for the holiday season. We’re working on a few more site updates over the next 6 months as well, thanks to you, the readers who filled out that survey we offered up a few months back. There are limited financial resources to launch the store, so we want to make sure we stock the things you want the most and don’t worry, we’re vastly increasing the product supply. Our plan is to have it stocked year-round. Included in the list so far are all-new jerseys, long sleeve t-shirts, stem caps, water bottles, another run of Fairends caps, decals, and some other secret products.

I wanted to reach out and ask if there’s anything you’ve always wanted or a product you’ve missed out on in the past. If enough people chime in, it’ll greatly influence what we stock. Drop a line for a request in the comments!

  • Trevor Martin

    Another run of Necronomicog kits would be p tight. Also, the Howdy Coyote T, I never received my first one, I suspect it was stolen from my front porch.

  • Joshua Price

    I would greatly appreciate the kits being restocked. Your kits or jerseys would sell out so fast that it always felt impossible to snag one. Also, shirts and long sleeves.

  • AdamBike99

    Congrats John! This seems like a natural evolution of your brand. And you’re giving the people what they’re shouting for.

    One product idea: a HandUp gloves/Radavist colab?

  • Crmsnghst

    Radavist/Yanco bar bags? Im literally just imagining a product I would pay A LOT of money for…. A LOT…. 🤑

  • Emory Hancock

    A patch of just the little Radavist animal fella. No type, just the animal.

  • Patrick Jonathan Neitzey

    The Cactus Hands Bottles

    • Alan

      2nd. I missed out on the HOWDY CACTI BOTTLES by Kyler Martz. Please make some more!!!

  • Stickers. Sew on patches. Short sleeved t-shirts. Maybe.

  • Certainly bring back the old radavist jackal and rubber side up die cut stickers. I managed to snag a set years ago and would like another. I also second a jackal patch. Pretty much anything with the jackal on it would be rad. Colabs, lots of colabs

  • Wile-e Coyote

    Ninja stars.

  • Adam H

    Olive Drab and Desert Tan bottles! I missed them every time they popped up.

    • Natalie Pitts


  • krazy d

    I would second the Necronomicog kits. Missed out on them and would love to get a kit for sure.


  • Eric Hacock

    I would love a long sleeved t shirt and water bottles. You can never have enough water bottles.

  • AllKnownBikes

    Prolly is Not Probably SWAG.

  • Loudass, Esq.

    “What’s your seat angle?” shirts with a picture of a troll.

  • Reto Schneider

    great news… I’d love to see an mtb jersey and/or t-shirt.

  • Andrew Winkler

    Bring back those eyewear retainers!!!! Will purchase.

    • Dude I’ll leave one at GSC for ya

      • Andrew Winkler

        Hell yeah! I’ll paypal you

  • D.A. Joseph

    Patches, stickers and bottles would all be cool. And reasonable shipping rates to Europe, please!


    Hoodies for the upcoming winter.
    Wind vests
    a decal of your Rig that says ” sorry about taking up 2 parking spots”

  • Andrew Arevalo

    Redesign of the old Viking logos to suit the Radavist and on T-shirts/Bottles/Caps/Whatever

  • Ty
    • Francisco Alvarez


  • Savoldelli

    Radavist x Tune Schraubwürger collabo. And definitely more desert /NPV stuff!

  • DopePedaler

    Used truck parts

    • Wanna buy my rear bumper? Haha

      • Nathan Crissman

        Not the swing away? Right?

  • pantsisdance

    I always wanted one of those YO water bottles!

  • Natalie Pitts

    Always wanted a mountain bike / looser jersey, in women’s cuts please! Also, I missed out on the the Byway bottles and I loved those.

  • Quinn E Sprouse

    Radavist cactus hats! I missed out on those and wish I didnt.

    • Tom.rides.bikes

      Those howdy cactus hats were so good! I missed them too

  • Aren L

    The socks tracko was wearing in his Instagram post from a couple days ago!

  • bongwater

  • SirCharles

    Prints of the desert… and some radavist socks.

    • Ian Starr

      2nd. Those of us obsessed with the desert ;) need more related schwag!

  • SirCharles

    Also tell swerve to make some olive drab shorts and a tiny radavist logo on right knee.

  • James Nordloh

    That leaf camo jersey is at the top of my list, as well as the Berserkir bottles. Very stoked to see this coming together!

  • Dan O

    Loose cut MTB jerseys! Sage leaf would be cool, or a new design? <3

    • I want to but pricing on an Endo (has to be MUSA) jersey would be $100 due to the fabric cost…

      • DopePedaler

        what would a high end mtb jersey typically cost?

      • Dan O

        My local MTB club had things made by Podiumwear just down the road in St. Paul, MN. I know their stuff is made here, but not sure where they source the fabric. May be an option?

  • Alex Hoffman

    Prolly is not Sheldon Brown t shirts ! ! ! @BikeJerks

  • Jorge Chavira

    Socks! Black, olive, tan.

  • Superpilot

    Always wondered if you could run a startup store like this on a kickstarter type model – ‘order and if we get 5 we’ll make it’ type deal. It’s all rad stuff. Good luck team!

  • Matt Jacobs

    YO bottles!!

    • James

      +1 here. I already lost both of mine

    • Nathan Crissman

      +1 for me as well.

  • Francisco Alvarez

    Dude… The hatchet and Viking always hold a warm spot in my heart.

  • Brian Richard Walbergh

    Standard Radavist bottles in 26 oz!

  • Steve

    Tracko blackened splinter camo jersey please!

    • Ben Black

      I second this, there 100% needs to be a re-run of that jersey!

  • xeren
    • ciabattaman

      Yep. Bring back these bottles same colors but in both 22 oz and 26 oz

  • Logan Groves

    mtb jerseys and decal bundles: rubber side up, jackal, & Kyle Kelley throwing up a peace sign :)

  • YaanG

    Today I learned that’s a jackal. Wondered what that was.
    Put a big one on a t-shirt please.

  • Another photo book!

  • Fred

    Rad! Perhaps some Kyler Martz-drawn gear, pocket tees, a Roadrunner Bags/artist partnership.. I always wanted the Prolly “viking” sticker too…water bottles…Necronomicog for real. Outdoors are METAL. The wants are endless, Bruh. Keep up the great coverage! -F

  • Hugo van Doorn

    A Radavist x Yanco Ramblin’ Roll would be nice. Somehow I always miss out on those! Oh, and Jackal and Rubber Side Up Stickers!

  • rjrabe

    Another mountains of madness shirt. 🤔

  • tpk182

    cycling caps & musettes

    • Jake B Sorensen

      Caps and socks! There’s always money for caps and socks!

  • cirtape

    will you be able to ship oversea ?

  • giacomo
    • rubikjazz

      Please have this shirt in variety of colors!

  • Andrew Kilmartin

    1 of everything

  • rob

    Love the cycling jersey, any plans for same design in other colours?

  • nate
    • Reza Saputera

      want this!

  • twenty8red

    I’m a new dad in need of a dad hat please. Oh, and the “long bed” bottles- those were sweet!

  • Sattelfest

    radavist straps

  • Robert Franklin

    +1 for the Necronomicog kits.

  • McKay Rytting

    Prolly Viking die cut stickers. Radavist top caps. Gloves.

  • Peter Hedman

    Get those Fairend caps in OD and Khaki heavily stocked. Also, OD anodized Cane Creek x Radavist eeBrakes would be sweet…

  • Raoul Morley

    I’ve missed everything, so anything would rock especially for the more robust cyclist ahem!
    Oh nice shipping to Europe and the silly bit on the side of it that I’m in would be cool.

  • Locke Hassett

    An Opnil No.8 with some custom logo would be rad.

  • Turkey Warlock

    I can’t be the only one who also runs so I request Running shorts! Also the caps and maybe some sweatshirts for fall and winter.

  • AJ Tendick

    CA is hot! Nobody makes a rad (design) insulated bottle, so I’d appreciate having that available.

  • Chris Valente

    lightweight merino wool shirts with some minimal branding would be the shizz. my go to mtb “jersey”…

  • Cidertowncycles

    Framed pictures of John Watson, so we can put them up around the house, or better yet, other people’s houses.

    • Brad

      One for the mantle piece haha

  • Nic K

    Any regular size bottle in maroon, like the one in the featured image, would be great!

  • Aaron Romero

    I love and missed every time you had a full kit.

  • chris campbell

    The OG black kit with your logo/Rubber side up. Still see these around Austin and really wish I had grabbed one John!

  • Sattelfest

    radavist bar plugs

  • Sattelfest
  • Sattelfest

    radavist bar tape

  • Sattelfest

    radavist OD basket net with neon green hooks

  • vopop

    Please talk Ken Spaulding into another batch of his Bushing Wrench!!

  • Russell Seaver

    Please bring back the Howdy! merch-always seem to miss the good stuff. It’a all good.

  • Erik Smith

    Any t-shirts and Hats!