The Radavist Web Shop: Now’s Your Chance to Weigh In Sep 6, 2018

So this is big news for the Radavist as come (hopefully) November, we’ll have a webshop, launching in time for the holiday season. We’re working on a few more site updates over the next 6 months as well, thanks to you, the readers who filled out that survey we offered up a few months back. There are limited financial resources to launch the store, so we want to make sure we stock the things you want the most and don’t worry, we’re vastly increasing the product supply. Our plan is to have it stocked year-round. Included in the list so far are all-new jerseys, long sleeve t-shirts, stem caps, water bottles, another run of Fairends caps, decals, and some other secret products.

I wanted to reach out and ask if there’s anything you’ve always wanted or a product you’ve missed out on in the past. If enough people chime in, it’ll greatly influence what we stock. Drop a line for a request in the comments!