STICKY! The Radavist Spring Sage Jersey Pre-Order


STICKY! The Radavist Spring Sage Jersey Pre-Order

Pre-order the new jersey below!

People are always bummed that they miss out on our kit orders, so we’re making this one easy. Yes, pre-orders take a bit longer than in-stock items but at least you can get the size you want!

After a rainfall, and we’ve had plenty of that, California Sagebrush will leave the trails in the mountains smelling fresh. Or if you brush against it while riding, your stinky gloves will smell great for a brief moment. It’s no wonder people line their dashboards with clippings of this beautifully-smelling plant. Now, we can’t guarantee this jersey will smell so great after a long ride, but at least you’ll look good!

Illustrated by Kyler Martz and made in Los Angeles for the Radavist by Endo Customs. Price is $120 for men’s or women’s. See below for sizing and ordering.


This is a PRE-ORDER, which will be live for 14 days, ending on Thursday, April 20th. Your jersey should be in your hands in early June, but sometimes they take longer. Usually, orders take 4 – 6 weeks. Don’t fret if you haven’t heard from me. As always, I’ll update everyone when the jerseys have shipped from my office. Please, don’t email me asking where your order is. You’ll know when it’s coming.

International shipping is $25 because it’s shipped with delivery confirmation and tracking.

As with the last sage jersey, these use Endo’s current fit design. They’re snugger than jerseys they were making a few years ago, but I don’t think you need to size up, just expect these to be a better fitting jersey. The sizing is below. Again, these are the exact same fit as the last Sage jersey.


*Be sure to measure your current jerseys to ensure you get a size that works best for you. Remember, these are race fit, so they fit a bit tighter than the previous Endo jerseys.