John’s Moth Attack Rockin’ Road with XTR Di2

Second hand, custom, and larger sizes are hard to come by when it comes to a bike like this. You’ve really gotta be there at the right time, which is how John scored this sweet Moth Attack Rockin’ Road. Someone was selling it in Southern California, barely used and John jumped on it.

This build is a total Rhinestone Cowboy with its Shimano Di2 trigger setup on gum hooded TRP singlespeed levers and shellac’d bar tape and twine. I can’t say that I’ve seen that before. To top the build off, John selected the tried and true Bruce Gordon Rock n Road tires, which I was stoked to see since that’s how Bruce is planning on making money during his retirement.

We took John on the weekly TGSCIF ride and he was stoked. It was his first time riding the Verdugo Mountains in LA and I can’t think of a better bike for the job.


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  • Robert Hill

    The custom Di2 lever is absolutely amazing. This is exactly what I want from a bike. Drops, super wide mountain gearing, beefy tires. What a bike.

    • Alex Hillis

      Rodeo Labs has done this on a bunch of builds. Best way to get mineral oil braking instead of DOT fluid if you don’t want to pay the premium on Shimano’s Di2 levers. And why should you when running 1x?

    • Evan Feekes

      Not exactly custom as TRP designs the lever to interface with that Di2 shifter.

      • Robert Hill

        That is superb. I had no idea.

  • Jared Jerome

    That’s quite the find!

  • are those rnrs tubeless?

    • meaty_urologist

      i ran mine tubeless when i had them a few years back…it can be done.

    • Alex Hillis

      Yep, you can run tubeless. Only thing to be careful about was pressure, had one pop off the rim when I put in too much pressure (but I think it was the rim’s fault).

      Had the 650b x 43mm on a bike awhile ago. The ride quality is SO good but they wear kinda fast. I would actually love an updated 650b version of the tire, in a 47-50mm width and I’d take a downgrade in ride quality for a more durable rubber compound.

  • Alex Hillis


  • Nick Miranda

    Where does the battery go? Seatpost?

    Love this set up so much, very much looking to get this on my Wolverine…

    • John DeMarinis

      Yup battery is in the seatpost!

  • Ted Barbeau

    What a beautiful bike–perfect all around. One question: it looks like you could fit a 29 x 2.?? tire in there pretty easily. Is there a specific reason for this? Do you have a second fork with gobs of room? (Or do you know if the original owner had some tricks up his sleeve?)

    • illiller

      Yeah, it’s kinda funky actually. The seat stays have a ton of clearance, but not so much at the chain stays. See

      Not sure what the reasoning was there. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

      • Ted Barbeau

        Interesting–I missed the picture of the chain stays. I wonder if seat stays coming down at a steeper (less acute?) angle increases rigidity or something. Who knows? Either way, she’s an absolute beaut.

        • David

          I think that was the idea.

      • David

        As the original owner, the only thing I can add is that it was for strength purposes. I’ve broken a few steel custom bikes and megan and I talked about really doing something to avoid that in this case. No idea if that was the reasoning – i didnt want a bike that could take over 40mm originally.

  • Max T.

    Beautiful build. Those brakelevers with DI2 and the bartape just match perfectly! love it!

  • Chris Valente

    Di2 has never really interested me but those stealth shift buttons now have me very interested…

  • Julien Nivol

    Freakin’ beauty. My bikes seem dull to me now…

  • Iain Treloar

    Love this build, and those shifters integrated into the levers are super tidy. But wouldn’t the buttons constantly be getting in the way when you’re riding on the hoods? Not snarky, genuinely curious. I was pondering this set-up out on a ride this afternoon and on steep climbs, when you’re reefing on the bars, that’s exactly where my thumbs would want to wrap.

    • John DeMarinis

      Buttons actually do not get in the way for me. They are perfectly positioned how you’d want them if you where on top of the levers. Biggest downside is that you cannot downshift while in the drops without moving your hang. Hasn’t been a big deal to me though.

  • mchen1ma

    Beautiful bike, but man the gravel roads of California have me drooling.

  • Nick Erickson

    YeS!!!! That bike is the business.

  • Levi Lester

    Is that a loose chainring bolt on the close up of the crank? Definitely crooked..

    Dig seeing big dudes bikes that look that good! #tallbrosunite

  • Rom Woodhouse

    How do those Thomson X2 stems go on this sort of bike? I’m downsizing to one bike for road, gravel and light trails and can’t decide between the X2 and X4. Need a -10 degree.

    • John DeMarinis

      Def get the X4, the X2 slips like a mofo, I only had it on here because I needed a 90mm and it was in the parts bin from a road bike.

      • Rom Woodhouse

        Good to know! Thanks.

  • David

    Hey, I sold this to Jon! I needed to downsize the fleet and consolidate a bit. I am really happy to have met Jon and sold him this bike. Wasnt easy (the bike rides amazing!) but I am really happy to found an owner who did such a cool build on it and is getting the most out of it. That’s what matters! (Also, Megan is awesome and the best).

  • Matt Greene

    What chainring/bolt combination is that? Looks tidy.