All City Cycles: New Electric Queen and Mr. Pink Classic Colors Plus a Segmented Rigid MTB Fork! Aug 6, 2018

Fans of All-City, classic road bikes, and chubby mountain bikes, listen up! The brand just announced its two new colors for some of their most popular bikes, the Electric Queen and Mr. Pink Classic. While new colors might not seem like a big deal, the bigger news is the announcement of the Electric Queen segmented rigid fork, which is available as the frameset package. Check out more details at All-City!

  • Andrew Deane

    Nice fork. Paint is still ugly as hell and a deal breaker.

  • Brian Richard Walbergh

    Not really sure how bike packing-friendly a fork without cage mounts is. It looks good, but that seems like a huge commission to me.

  • Andy-bmore

    Love segmented forks and love the paint, but I can’t see why someone would choose this over a KM for bikepacking, considering the lack of braze-ons for anything other than the traditional two cages.

  • Frank

    I don’t want to sound like a stick in the mud … but I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a new colour for the Cosmic Stallion. Thanks!

  • the world needs less fork flutes. i commend all city in their creation of a zit-less fork.

    • Daniel M

      Nice trolling. Fuck impractical bikes.

  • AsSeenOnOkra

    While we’re at it, let’s get a nice steel fork with thru-axles and cage mounts for the Cosmic Stallion.

  • Justin Pyatt

    Who said anything about bikepacking? This bike is for shredding. If you want to bike pack, there are lots of other options. I love that it has a rigid option and now it’s on my ever growing list of frames i’d like to buy some day.