Merckx Knows Best Jun 26, 2018

Dave Moulton wrote a piece on Eddy Merckx, comparing his legacy to that of Chris Froome’s with a critical edge:

“By opting out of the Tour de France in 1973, Eddy Merckx still goes down in history as the “Greatest Rider Ever,” by the sheer number of races the won over the years. He chose the honor people’s feelings over his own ego.

What a shame that Chris Froome is not taking a leaf from Eddy’s book and opting voluntarily out of this year’s Tour de France. Why would anyone want to participate in an event when no one wants you there?”

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4 responses to “Merckx Knows Best”

  1. Evan Baird says:

    Can we all just accept that road racing is strictly a sport for middle age dentists that nobody really cares about and all go back to riding our gravel bikes and watching the downhill like god intended?

  2. Dave Pelletier says:

    Can we all just agree Froome’s form on the bicycle is one of the ugliest the sport has ever seen and just judge him upon that? Chris, stay home and stop uglying up the peloton. And keep your inhaler home with you.