A Sim Works Steel Doppo ATB Chubby Road Bike

Doppo translates to “going alone.” On display at the Sim Works Pop-Up at the Cub House was the steel version of their Doppo ATB bike or all-terrain bicycle. We saw the aluminum version from the Chris King Swarm coverage, and we’ve seen this steel model in Japan being manned by Makoto during our Mount Fuji tour.

These frames are made by a builder in Nagoya named Shin Hattori, exclusively for Sim Works, and for the first time, they’re now available in the USA through Sim Works. They feature a number of braze-ons for racks and fenders, as well as a Tange fork with a unique fender mount. This particular model was built up with chubby 650b road tires and fenders.

The Doppo comes in size Small through XXL and will fit a 43mm tire on 700c or 2.1″ on 27.5″ wheels. A frameset retails for $1,680 shipped from Japan via FedEx. Head to Sim Works to see more!

  • colavitos_ghost

    Any more info on the unique fender mount? I’m missing it!

    • boomforeal

      see pic #17

      • colavitos_ghost



      • Yeah, Simworks fenders come un-drilled, like Honjo. From my initial observation, it looks like it supplies a more stable mounting situation. You couldn’t really move the fender side to side once it’s installed – i.e. it won’t jostle after a bumpy road.

        • Tim Guarente

          I did something similar with my front fender on my cross bike: I installed a star nut in the bottom of my steerer tube use a headset cap to step down to the fender. It was originally for a mini fender I had, but I adapted my full fenders to it. Now it’s a little faster to set them up if I’m reinstalling them.

      • colavitos_ghost

        Thanks, John. I completely missed it on my first time viewing the pics.

  • Mate

    Loving the Roadlink solution with the long cage road derailleur. Is that an 11-40 XT cassette?

  • AdamBike99

    Super yummy (and Volummy)!
    One red flag tho: the non-tapered/flattened seat stay ends- where they join the top tube- will make contact with inner thighs (mine for sure) and especially non-Lycra shorts/knickers/pants. Otherwise this build is completely smokin’ and I love the design!

    • boomforeal

      fashion can be a cruel, chafe-y mistress

  • Nicholas Petersen

    Someone is living dangerously. #rotorboltswhoneedsthem

    • Yeah, Shige built this up the night before it was on display and was missing bolts. We were wondering if anyone would notice.

      • Crmsnghst

        Lesson #185 in the bike mechanic code: “Someone ALWAYS notices.” Be it a scratch, a different colored stem bolt, or a missing chainring bolt, someone WILL see it and ask for 10% off.

        • AdamBike99

          Weight Weenies will often use only half (3/6) of the torx screws. ¯_(ツ)_/¯
          They are always, always looking for 10% off, haha

  • Superpilot

    Chubby, I like that.

  • multisportscott

    This is freakin beautiful. So utilitarian. I love seeing these fendered up bikes.

    I’m about to build up something similar and am contemplating the White Industries G30 2 x crankset. Can anyone give me feedback on how these change between chainrings? Let me know if this isn’t the place to ask.

    Cheers, S

    • I have been running these cranks on my Speedvagen OG-1 with SRAM RIval for a year and a half. They shift great, but not Shimano Dura Ace great. Still, good enough for me and my cranks have a 50/34 ring pairing. http://theradavist.com/2016/12/my-od-og1-speedvagen-road-with-sram-rival/

      • multisportscott

        Thanks John, I think they’re a great looking crank and the option to get real small chainrings is appealing. I’ve heard the chainring bolts can be a little restricting as they stick out on the inside/frame side, any comments on this?
        Thanks again for answering my question

        • I’ve never had an issue with the chainring bolts, on these nor the square taper version.

    • Peter Chesworth

      Um, dunno about the G30 but VBC flawless over 3 years, 42/26 chainrings.

  • Crmsnghst

    This may be an unpopular opinion but really aggressive “ergonomic” bars really turn me off. The really angular bends are just too aggressive. For my money id take a lovely “bubble butt” round drop bar in a heartbeat.

    • Yeah, ergo bends aren’t for everyone. I like a traditional, deep drop, but on the wider side 48cm+

      • Crmsnghst

        Oh yeah! A man after my own heart! Gimme those Belgian Drop Deda’s. 48cm is manly. I put some 46cm on my cross bike recently and I keep feeling like I have Poppi’s bars.

        • I’ve got really broad shoulders, so I love a wide road bar.

          • Chris Valente

            I put 46cm bars on my commuter to fit my ILE porteur bag better and I am pretty much sold on that and I don’t even consider myself that broad shouldered. Now when i ride my cross bike with 42cm bars it feels crazy narrow and constricting. Def upgrading that one at some point.

    • JimmyMcNulty

      I don’t think they look terrible in this application. I prefer ergo drops “sans hood” on my track bike, but couldn’t imagine ever using them on a bike with brake levers.

      • Crmsnghst

        McNutty! (Thats not a helpful response but all I can think of is “The Wire”.) I can see your point on a really super modern aero track bike like a BMC or a LOOK, but to me its like Miles Davis vs Kraftwerk. Ones classic, smooth, and sexy… the other is German techno. ;)

    • boomforeal

      the angular bends really match the kink in the seat stays tho

      • Crmsnghst

        Im with you on that.

    • Samuel Jackson

      I generally feel the same way, but these work so well with this frame for me

  • Area45

    Really dig this bike, and I prefer the tan sidewalls, but I can’t help but think that black tires would look better with those black fenders. Very interesting way to set up the fenders btw. Is the rear set up the same way?

  • Samuel Jackson

    Maybe it’s just the photo, but it looks like that post doesn’t mesh well with oval saddle rails.

    • Sean Talkington

      I think you are correct. We just stuck it there as a filler for the weekend because the bike showed up without a saddle… good eye!

  • Peter Chesworth

    Chunky goodness this Doppo. Perfection in the imperfection. Terrific front fender mount – a double doppo instead of a double daruma. Manga tyres are definitely a thing.

  • kasual

    This makes me happy. Sometimes you see a cool bike but it’s not your thing really. This I would love to have. It looks fun, it looks usable and it looks like someone was really thoughtful with the build. Ride cool bikes.

  • Jared Wilkie

    Are those Paul x SimWorks collabo disc calipers? If so we may have just hit peak bike hipsterism. Yes I want them.

    • Yep!

    • TypeVertigo

      For some reason, this bike pairs the Paul Klamper long-pull actuation arm with short-pull STI levers. That ain’t right.

      Klampers can be set up with three different actuation arm options: long-pull, short-pull, and Campagnolo. To tell the actuation arms apart, they’re engraved “LP” (which is what this bike has), “SP,” or “CP”