Victor’s Ritchey Commando Camo Logic Road with Campagnolo

The Ritchey Logic Road seems to be the obvious choice for those looking for a modern steel bike that utilizes rim brakes. Over the years, we’ve seen a number of these bikes, built up for various functions from all-day road rides to race bikes but there’s something about Victor‘s build that really grabbed my attention at the onset. The reason is obvious; Victor used Ritchey’s Heritage Paint option to get any of their frames painted a number of schemes, including “Commando” camo. Unfortunately, Ritchey discontinued this service, but before that happened, Victor got his Logic road frame painted by Rick Stefani of D&D cycles in this iconic finish.

He then built it with a combination of Sim Works, Ritchey, and Campagnolo Record Super Record 11. My favorite detail is the 100 Tacos sticker on the Sim Works Caroline stem!

  • Dave Pelletier

    LOVE the stem.

    • Tim Willis

      grab a few stickers at!

      • Dave Pelletier

        I might just do that! thanks!

  • Maybe rim brakes ain’t so bad after all…

    …then PNW winter hits me again.

  • Igor Shteynbuk

    Where’s the frame? All I see is a pair of wheels, crank, saddle, and bars.

    • Dave Pelletier

      well played :)

  • Keith Gibson

    straight baller

  • Danny

    rim brakes = cleanest aesthetic on road bikes … classic

  • nothingfuture

    Campy on a steel bike is pretty much always going to do it for me.

  • my man.


    Ritchey. Camo. Steel. Campy. = Perfection

  • Charlie D

    nice looking rig right there

  • belopsky

    Real nice. Some of those crmo spacers would really tie it all together

  • Dave Pelletier

    I’m back again! This bike speaks to me more than most. I love the stance, the parts pick, and the paint despite not being a camo guy. The setup is great, right down to the bar alignment with the top tube and all the little things. So well done.

    • Theodor Rzad

      Same here; I’ve never been into camo in general, but Ritcheys have always worn it very well. I also really dug the MAP fat rando show bike from the last Sac NAHBS (2016?) in grayscale digital camo if I recall. I know John published some great images of it.

  • Max G.

    What tool bag/roll is that? I love the color.

  • the_fleecing

    Great build, but I couldn’t help notice the backdrop matched this other beauty Ritchey:

  • Camo would be too obvious or traditional on a mountain bike. But on an SR11 roadie? Yeah boy. Well executed.