The New Crust Bikes Bombora 27.5 Tourer Fits a 2.4″ Tire May 10, 2018

“Where did all the mermaids go?” asks the new Crust Bikes Bombora and if you pay attention to the beautiful graphics, designed by Rick Hayward, and head badge on this touring bike, you might be able to decipher the story. The Bombora is the latest bike to pop onto the plump Crust Bikes lineup, designed around a 27.5 x 2.4″ tire and road cranks. Is it a light tourer? Or a randonneur? Or a dirt tourer? Bikepacking rig? City bike? Who knows. As Matt from Crust Bikes puts it;

“Named the Bombora, this machine is pretty groundbreaking, in that it is the first two-wheeled unicycle, designed around 2.3-24 650b tires and road cranks. Man, I cant hype shit up. Its just a bike that is fun to ride and in my opinion looks nice. The pictures show what it’s about I guess.”

Rightfully so. There’s more information to follow on the Bombora, but for now, let’s try to decypher this bike’s meaning – it’s place in the universe – by investigating more photos below.

  • kasual

    Looks like a really fun ride. And those 7400 crank arms always look good.

  • Byron Go

    I thought there were other 650b road crank bikes? Is it that it fits the larger width tires? I guess 2.4″ tires are pretty phat…

    • I think Matt is making a joke about the crossover between a lot of their bikes. Anti-marketing jargon.

      • Mark Reimer

        Totally. I was looking at this and thinking this bike is basically what would happen if I smashed my Evasion and Romanceur into one bike. The Romanceur also fits 2.4″ 27.5 tires and road cranks. But this is tig welded, sloping top-tube, flat mount, and a few other less-romantique touches, or more modern touches, depending on your preferences… Very nice looking bike. If it’s anything like the frames already out there, it’ll be a joy to ride.

  • Chris Valente

    Curious how this compares to an Evasion aside from the tire size options. I have been checking out their lineup as a potential commuter/kid hauler/hopefully eventually bikepacking rig.

  • terriblemcnaughton


  • Kawika Samson

    is that a shaka on that seat tube lug?! So good. lol

  • i want that topcap.

  • Tim Guarente

    I love the mess of a headset.

  • belopsky

    damnit I dont need this either

  • How about those crust handlebars? When can we get our greedy hands on them?

    • Winston


  • Nice lookin set of wheels… funky colour.
    Are these available in aus?

  • Frank

    A pink elephant!

  • Andrew

    Think it’d still fit 26 x 3.0? I’ve wanted an Evasion for so long but my legs are not (long, that is). Hoping standover isn’t crazy high 🤞. Also, this colour 🤤

    • hobocross

      Standover has been lowered on the next batch of Evasions according to the updated geo charts at Crust.

      • Andrew

        Oh baby! But the pink!

      • MANG

        This is extremely sexy news, I’m leaving “balls on the top tube” in 2017 😘👌

  • Adem Rudin

    I… huh. Kinda expected to see them releasing the Nor’Easter that they’ve been teasing all over Instagram before starting to tease another bike?

    Stuck the side-on picture in a CAD program and used the 130mm BCD on the crankset as a reference size – geo and tire clearance seems like a middle ground between the Evasion and Dreamer, ya?

  • Practically bleeds personality. There are so many little details. The lavender colour is just fantastic and big props for the well used Dura Ace 7400 crankset. That headset is an right mess though. Rad bike. 🤙🏼

  • Awesome Bike! Has some great summer vibe with the colour.
    Has anyone an idea where you can buy a rear rack like the one used?

    • joshhh

      Looks like the Nitro R-14 Top Rack that one can get from Rivendell

  • joshhh

    This bike seems nearly perfect for my own stupidly specific tastes, but I hope the production version has traditional rack *and* fender eyelets at the rear dropouts…I only see one set that look like they’re for fenders on this one.

    I get that some people don’t use standard rear touring racks anymore, but the overwhelming majority of regular folks I encounter who tour/bike-camp still do, and often simultaneously want fenders.

    • Not Me!

      You could get a thru axle with bobbins designed for a Bob trailer. Robert Axle Project makes them.

      • joshhh

        …but then I’d have to use a BOB trailer :(

        • Not Me!

          No, it gives you threads inside your axle, so now you would have a new, sturdy place to mount a rear rack.

          • joshhh

            Ah, I get your idea now. But then I’d have to have my rack bolted to my axle, which I am not personally down with :(

  • deez

    Wondering why the Lightning Bolt was spec’d thru front axle/QR rear and this is thru front & rear? Kinda wish the LB was thru front & rear…
    Also, what pedals are these?

  • Peter Chesworth

    The best name of any bike, ever.

  • kenny

    Can someone maybe explain to me the pros and cons of road cranks versus mtb cranks on a bike like this? I am of a stockier build and thinking of a new bike in the 650 wheel size. Something like the All-City Gorilla Monsoon seems to be of a similar style but uses mtb cranks.

    What is the benefit of being able to fit road cranks on a bike with 2.4 inch tires? Also would a naturally wise stance/body benefit more from a wider Q factor?

    • Oscar Ramirez

      This is a really good question. Bump.

    • colavitos_ghost

      Road cranks, generally speaking, have a lower tread (or Q-factor), which many cyclists (myself included) prefer. Hard to speak for any one person’s anatomy, but I don’t think wide Q-factor is really ever considered a desirable feature.