The Full Stache 8 Looks Like a Good Time! Apr 6, 2018

Olive drab. Check. Fluoro. Check. Chunky tires. Check. I’d say the Stache 8 checks a lot of boxes. If anyone’s ridden the original Stache, you can probably attest to how fun that bike is, so seeing it on a full suspension platform has me intrigued. Check out more details at your local Trek dealer and see the details at Trek.

  • Johnny Vanderwell

    Im surprised Trek didn’t have you shoot this instead of their high end carbon road/gravel. This is way more up your alley

  • nothingfuture

    I’d sort of ignored Trek for a bunch of years there- probably not fair of me, but that’s how it is sometimes. Anyway, this thing is the first ride from them in a long, long time that I’d be pretty interested in throwing a leg over.

    • Me too. It wasn’t until their 1120 tourer that I felt like the brand was making a whole-hearted effort into the bikepacking / expedition style riding. I’m into it.

      • nothingfuture

        Years ago, they made the only decent mass-market touring bike (the 520). The brand never felt very progressive- much more invested in the status quo. Now, though, it appears they’re seeing the upside of addressing some of the more niche categories.

  • Willy Don Gouda

    I had one of the hardtail Stache’s for a while. That bike made mountainbiking feel new again. I recently took all the parts off it and put it on a Krampus. All I know is 29+ is fun as hell on a hardtail and fully rigid. I’m sure this one also rips. And yea, dat color

  • benreed

    I really want to ride one of those through a big rock garden.

  • Chris Valente

    Nice to see some big brands being represented here. I’m not a Trek fanboy or anything but I think for a lot of readers (myself included), while the bespoke high end stuff is great to drool over, affording and riding one isn’t necessarily always a reality.

    • Yeah, we’re a good place in the industry now where ideas that began with small framebuilders have made their way into the catalogs of bigger brands. It’s a good thing in terms of accessibility and like you point out, cost for entry.

  • Ironically, the owner of the Trek shop I frequent told me that part of what he loves about the hardtail Stach bikes is that he doesn’t need a fully any longer. It’ll be interesting to see his opinion on there now being a fully version. Mind you, I’m still in love with the rigid fork, singlespeed version over any of the others.

    • Moosemonkey

      That one was just SO fun. Makes me sad Trek no longer makes that Rigid fork. the 1120 is awesome and all. but I liked the baller attitude on the original stache.

  • R.P. Treb

    Coolest thing about 29+ is that you can run 2.4’s if you want one day and 3.0’s on a another depending on trail. That’s versatility nobody talks about.

  • Would ride. Will ride.