LA Dirt Rides: the TGSCIF Ride in Cherry Canyon is Not to Be Missed

I know Friday morning group rides are tough for a lot of people to make, but for a group of freelancers and non-9 to 5’rs, the weekend’s riding schedule begins early with the TGSCIF rides. For those interesting in coming along, the group meets up at 7am at Intelligentsia coffee on Sunset Ave and leaves at 7:30am. For those who can’t make it, I do my best to document them, both photographically and on Strava, allowing you to take them on at your leisure.

Hopefully, I’ll compile a list of “LA Dirt Rides,” sharing the best route around the chaotic urban sprawl to hit some of the area’s best dirt. To get an idea where each ride goes, check out Golden Saddle’s Instagram on Thursday afternoon for a bike recommendation.

The thing I love the most about these Friday morning rides is you never know where you’ll end up and it’s always a gamble which bike to bring. While a lot of the rides include dirt, many of these inner-city jaunts can be done on a road bike. It’s a give or take situation. Sure, you’d have a blast in Cherry Canyon on a mountain bike, but then you’ve still got to pedal 7 miles through city streets to get there. For this reason, most people choose ‘cross or all-road bikes with all-terrain tires. Kyle, Steph and I were on rigid mountain bikes, Jimmy was on a townie and Caché chose his Electric Queen. It’s a mixed bag of mixed talent and that’s what makes this route so much fun…

As far as the technical skill required, this ride is a 2 out of 5. The trails are well maintained, with minimal exposure and very little rocks. The hardest part of the ride is the steepness of the fire roads and singletrack climbs.

If you find yourself bored with your normal LA rides, or in town and looking for a quick jaunt, don’t pass up Cherry Canyon. If you can make it on one of the TGSCIF rides, you might get a surprise taco lunch at the end!

Enjoy your weekend!

  • SirCharles

    How can we get those YO bidons?

  • Kevin Liu

    What time do you guys get back? Really wanna join you all but am apart of the aforementioned 9-5er’s with a pretty chill supervisor.

    • Usually by 10:30am but it all depends on flat tires, etc.

      • Kevin Liu

        Perfect, hopefully catch you on one of these rides soon then!

  • dan scheie

    Shit like this really makes me want to drop everything and move to California.

    • Savoldelli

      Do it! We moved back this year and I wish we had done so 3 years earlier…

  • skog_smog
    • Yeah, I like that too and was going to use it as the cover image but felt it was too abstract.

      • Nico

        Both of those panning shots are super fun!

  • Joey Vangsness

    #15 though… So damn good.

  • Pans on another level


    I like the Niner build, seems really practical for rides like this.

  • Lucas Nilsson

    We’re going to need a bike chech on that stinner.
    Looks like so much fun

  • Daniel Smith

    More info on the ninerdale, please!

  • Zach Windsor

    Kyle Kelley: the most photogenic human being on a bicycle?

  • Chase McNeill

    many thanks to Golden Saddle for the repeated radness options!

  • Aaron Best

    AWOL in #10?

    • Yep!

      • Aaron Best

        BTW please reboot the photos from the awol Oregon outback trip, those were high quality stoke.

  • El Mundi

    #28 looks like a biking predator :#

  • Beautifull pictures.

  • Robert Wucher

    What bar is Jimmy pushin’? SW Getaround?

  • Joel Ganshaw

    The fire roads and trails in the hills bring me back to looking at pics in BMX Plus in the late 70s-early 80s.

  • Logan Nelson

    DUDE! Those panning shots, especially that second one, soooo good!