Bobby from District Bicycles’ Oklahoma Red Dirt Moots Hardtail

While in Stillwater, Oklahoma, I got the grand tour of a few of District Bicycles employees’ personal bikes. Included in this mix was Bobby’s own custom Moots Farwell 29’r. Custom in the sense that Bobby didn’t like the swoopy tubes. Luckily, he convinced the crew there to make the straightest Farwell to leave the Steamboat facility. He also didn’t want raw or bead blasted titanium.

For that, he pinged Rudy at Black Magic Paint to coat the frame with an Oklahoma Red Dirt-themed wet coat. Topping the build off with XTR Di2 and a build kit tuned for Oklahoma singletrack, this MTB actually looks damn good clean. Usually, I prefer them good’n’dirty!


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21 responses to “Bobby from District Bicycles’ Oklahoma Red Dirt Moots Hardtail”

  1. Henry Turner-Julier says:


  2. Erik Hillard says:

    Yeah RUDY! That paint is BEAUTIFUL

  3. Colin White says:


  4. AdamBike99 says:

    No drooper seatpost? #soweird LOL

    Beautiful rig!

    • Ryan says:

      Overkill on the singletrack this bike will spend most of its time, in my opinion.

    • Bobby Wintle says:

      I don’t ride droppers. That’s all. So I didn’t make a joke for one either.

      • AdamBike99 says:

        Totally understood. My comment was not meant as criticism, but more of a “witicism” regarding how ubiquitous dropper posts have become. How a couple years ago, droppers looked weird and cluttered and now the bike almost looks like something is missing back there. Bottom line: your bike is super sick and I love the clean lines. Keep it simple!

        • Bobby Wintle says:

          🤘totally took it that way. You are so definitely right that droppers are the “new norm.” I like to stay true to my soul and not get swayed with every new shiny thing. Thank you for your compliments. Also, my first gravel ride on this machine was 2 nights ago and I am absolutely deeeeeply in love. This bike is a rocket ship. Can’t wait to spend some long hours on the trail.

  5. Peter Chesworth says:

    Such a lightly touching bike. Like a split cane fly rod.

  6. Keith Gibson says:


  7. Alan Atkins says:

    Painted in Oklahoma State colors

    • Bobby Wintle says:

      No no. Painted to match the red dirt roads that surround our town and this area of the country. Zero tips of my hat to OSU.

  8. what´s going on w/ the rear derrailleur and the setback on the hanger? Why does it need the set back?

    • Bobby Wintle says:

      I’m not sure exactly what you’re asking about but it shifts perfect. The derailleur positioning and alignment is spot on with the frame and the cassette.

  9. R.P. Treb says:

    The bike is freaking beautiful. But fellas a slack hardtail and dropper go together like hops and barley. Especially if you want to feel the true benefits of what that slacker geo can do on a rugged descent.

  10. Charlie D says:

    Oh boy that is nice!