Mason’s Stinner Kerouac On the Road with SRAM Red eTap

“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.” – Jack Kerouac, On the Road

We all have our favorite authors, our favorite books, and our favorite quotes. Many of these anecdotes for travel or life’s great lessons can be applied to cycling. For Mason, he was drawn to the writing of Jack Kerouac. Particularly, On the Road. This quote became his mantra for his new Stinner Gibraltar road bike. Mason selected one of Stinner’s “Vault” paint options, Paradise, and requested the Team Dream Team Chubby Bobcat to be added to the wild paint scheme. This little detail, along with his Kerouac quote really brought the whole build together. Not to mention the SRAM Red eTap, Boyd Wheels and Quarq power meter cranks. The whole package was assembled by Simon at the Cub House.

Straight up road bikes still do it for me, especially when they’re this clean, this light and this local. I love seeing all the Stinners on the roads of Los Angeles, both paved and unpaved.

Enjoy this bike, Mason!

  • Mike Kimbro

    Damn that’s a nice-lookin’ bike. Perfect, down to the tire selection.

  • AdamBike99


  • GNARdina

    Paint Job, Paint Job, Paint Job!

  • Chris Valente

    HOT! I love that paint scheme…

  • h000k

    Love seeing 28s on this.

  • Peter Hedman

    Long live rim brake road bikes.

  • Cory Swingle

    Gorgeous bike! Headset topcap needs to be milled down a hair, yeah?

  • Danny

    With all the interest in all road/gravel riding out there, road riding and exploration will always have there place when clean builds like this are spinning around … class

    • I agree. Especially with so many amazing road rides closed to cars here in LA. Griffith Park, Glendora Ridge, etc. Hell, most of the mountain roads are chill during the week aside from a few moto drivers. I tend to stick to trails and dirt roads away from cars these days, but there’s something magical about a straight up mountain road ride.

  • jamie

    love the wide tyres on this frame !

  • Eric Hancock

    So nice. Did Jones build rhe wheels?

    • I’m not sure. I didn’t ask. My guess would be yes, since Boyd doesn’t offer CK on their built page:

      • Mason

        Wheels were hand built by Ryan in Long Beach CA, :-)

  • Brad Beadles

    BOYD!! handmade in Greenville, SC!! very cool

  • Brent Kyono

    What fork is Stinner Selecting for their stock builds now?