2018 NAHBS: TORESVELO OD Green Rigid MTB with Hope

Last year at NAHBS, I documented a rigid mountain bike from the Russian framebuilder TORESVELO. This year, Anton from TORESVELO couldn’t make it to the show himself, due to visa issues, but his friends brought this rigid mountain bike for him. It was commissioned by someone who saw last year’s bike and wanted one just like it. I love little stories like that because ultimately, that’s what NAHBS is for – showcasing bikes for builders to grow their audience – and it’s why I love documenting NAHBS.

This frame has a beautiful olive drab finish with orange Hope parts, and a Bjorn, handmade in Russia carbon saddle. I’m really glad the Russian contingency showed up this year and brought such great bikes!

  • Anton Gorbunov

    Thanks for this beautiful photos! My customer will be happy. When we discussed about his order, he sent me a lot of image from radavist, for inspiration. And now his bike on a radavist. Nice 😊

    • Missed you this year, Anton! Glad to see you making rad bikes like this.

  • Harry

    All the MTBs from this years nahbs are so good!

    • marty larson

      Agreed. I’m impatiently awaiting Adam Sklar’s Klunker though. Hear that John? Helloooo? Moar Sklar!

      • Yeah, I’ve got a one-bike per builder rule. I still didn’t get to shoot every builder at the show, which has always been a hope of mine but it’d be a lot more work.

        • marty larson

          bummer. Pesky self imposed rules…Thanks for the efforts though! You’re our eyes for those who don’t attend…

  • Mr Sun

    made for adventure !! full thomson and hope !!! arghhhhhhhh…