2017 NAHBS: Toresvelo Rigid MTB

A love for the desert brought Anton Gorbunov, the owner and builder of Astrakhan, Russia-based Toresvelo to the geologic playland known as Mangistay. While there, he found inspiration for the branding and the modus operandi for his brand. Toresvelo makes machines capable for all forms of riding. Whether it’s a rowdy hardtail or a precision road you’re after, Anton can craft whatever your heart desires. In this case, a Gates-equipped rigid SS MTB, fit for riding in Mangistay, or the USA. My personal favorite detail is the head badge and Toresvelo’s new, ruin-inspired branding.

I can’t find it now, but Anton showed me a photo of a rider blasting down one of the alluvial fans in the desert, along with a big-horned sheep skull. While there is a bit of a language barrier, I could tell he was one Rad Atavist! Follow Toresvelo on Instagram.

  • Benjamin Peacock

    So good.
    Looks like a really fun bike to ride. Kinda reminds me of a late 90’s Kona Explosif, and i love steel Kona’s.

  • disqus_yyq87zp4ma

    backwards rotors make me nervous

    • I knew someone would catch that. haha.

      • FireUrEngine

        Interesting detail

    • Anton Gorbunov

      After 30 hours trip from Russia, some simple things goes wrong.

    • Benjamin Peacock

      Potentially asking a stupid question here, but are rotors directional? If so, for what reason?
      If I wasn’t following standard practice, the way they are affixed here seems the right way, aesthetically speaking, in the way that carbon tri-spoke wheels are directional and look similar to the set up here.
      (Do you get my gist?)

      • Anton Gorbunov

        Benjamin, usually rotor have a direction, but i made this mistake during the morning Nahbs rush. The reasons of directional rotors is too many – strength, cooling and other.

  • I can never get enough of those cranks!

  • Love that little head badge. Lots of interesting details here.

    • joshhh

      I agree, that badge is so subtle and classy.

  • Draw Imagine

    Really nice! I just can’t get used to the tapered or full 1.5 headtubes on steel frames these days so this is a breath of old style fresh air to me :-)

    One word to discribe this bike


  • vopop

    Second valid bike from NAHBS here on site

  • Sergey Crssbw

    Ебать, русские на ротависте! Тоха молоток!!!

  • breed007

    I would like to applaud that spacer stack. I don’t like the way it looks, but most of my bikes have those because I’m too scared/lazy to cut them down.

  • Hansel

    S&S with Hydro lines…How realistic is that? Just fold the bike over on half of itself? Bike is rad! Just been thinking about S&S with hydros recently…

    • Anton Gorbunov

      Is very easy with replaced holder. It’s a outer routing, just unscrew 3 bolts and remove hydro line from front triangle. https://flic.kr/p/MHieLu

      • Hansel

        DUH! I knew I was missing something. Easy enough!

        • jvossman

          sorry still don’t get it. I have a s & s coupled 29er and I run mechanical rear brake for this reason. Short of unbolting the entire rear brake assembly, how would you do it?

          • Hansel

            You just unhook the brake lever when packing. Seems easy enough.

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