2018 NAHBS: Johnny Coast Randonneur

Down on Rando Alley at NAHBS this year, a few booths from the J.P. Weigle randonneur and the Chapman randonneur, was this Johnny Coast. It’d been a while since I’ve seen Johnny, or his work but I began my Saturday morning documenting this bike before the crowds descended upon the show. Everything about this bike was a pleasure to photograph and it’s one of my favorite drive-side shots from the entire weekend.

  • Killing me with all these beautiful Randonneur’s. I love how the frame colour is a perfect match for the tyre gumwalls. Literally the only ‘nitpick’ I could possibly have would be to say the owner should get some repro TA decals for those crankarms. But I’m ridiculous like that. A very tight rear cluster. That impressive. Also props for the mixed Shimano & VO skewers, that’s a nice touch. 👌🏼

  • Jared Jerome

    That rack and the lug lining is where it’s at.

  • ChinookPass

    NAHBS and TheRadavist are national treasures. Thanks for all the photos!

  • Paul Barer

    This should have won a Campagnolo award. The seatpost, levers, and derailleurs are beautiful on this bike. The front quick release skewer was probably the excuse for no award.