Wolf Tooth’s Pack Tools: Master Link Combo Pliers Jan 11, 2018

Carrying a spare master link is a must for any kind of outing into the woods, especially on a tour of bikepacking trip and carrying spares is now easier than ever with the new Wolf Tooth Master Link Combo Pliers. These nifty pliers allow you to easily install a new master link, carry extra links and even use the other end as a tire lever. Having broken a few master links over the years, I wish I had this tool in my kit at the time! See more at Wolf Tooth.

  • Having just recently purchased master link pliers for home use, I never want to go without again. This one would do the job at home and is more portable for road use. I already carry spare master links for various chains, may as well hide them here. Useful!

    That said, is the integrated tire lever the new bottle opener on bicycle accessories? I never leave home without a Pedro’s lever even with other tools having tire levers built in. And I certainly don’t plan on using metal tire levers on my rims any time soon.

    • Jim Watkinson

      Anyone who can’t improvise opening a beer doesn’t deserve one!

      • Brian Zglobicki

        I always shred my hands trying to open a beer with a Bic lighter. -__-

        • Jim Watkinson

          Try the MTB shoe cleat, or opening a beer with another beer.
          Necessity is the mother of Frank Zappa and all that

    • Pretty stoked on this since masterlink storage sucks, I dont know if I woukld use the tire lever part either.

  • This is nifty as hell.

  • Nick Stathos

    why do thy always have to add a stupid beer bottle opener to everything…jeez give us a break

  • Andy-bmore

    Cool idea and useful, but I’ll wait for someone other than Wolftooth to make a version, after their sexist/homophobic IG debacle and non-apology bullshit.

    • Tim Guarente

      Can you clue me in on what happened?

      • I’d rather not – you can google it though.

        • Tim Guarente

          Sure can, I don’t know why I didn’t do that in the first place.

          Yeah, I remember that nonsense.

    • Chris Valente

      FWIW they did post a pretty honest apology (imo) https://www.instagram.com/p/BSMRtBABEYZ

    • I’m probably going to get shit for this, but their intern posted it without consent and they apologized. It happens a lot. Your company grows and you relinquish responsibilities to others, relying on their judgement to best represent your company. Then someone fucks up and the entire company is to blame. WT issued an apology, but it was lost in all the online lambasting. Again, not defending or justifying it, I thought it was horrible, I’m just offering a bit of perspective. Honestly, Andy, it’s what keeps me from getting an intern. I’d worry night and day about shit.

      • Andy-bmore

        Even so, it’s hard to imagine a scenario in which the company culture didn’t contribute at all to the intern feeling that the image was acceptable to post.

        In a world where there are women-owned companies like Endless who I feel confident would never have this issue, I’ll choose to spend my dollars elsewhere.

    • Eric Garvock

      You’re absolutely right, no one is ever allowed to ever make a mistake and apologize

  • macbot3000

    I received mine a few days ago. It’s very nicely made. I just need to pick up a couple spare links now.

    What’s the Y-shaped cutout in the handle for?