Eric’s Stinner Frameworks Romero ‘Cross

Our thoughts go out to everyone in California who have lost their homes, their businesses and their local trails to these ravenous fires. The boys down in Goleta, a small town outside of Santa Barbara, at Stinner Frameworks were lucky. Real lucky. I don’t think anyone needs to remind them of that. With the Thomas fire reigning in heat, as California’s second largest fire on record, the shop at Stinner was busy preparing their own fire. This Romero frameset was hand-delivered to the Cub House last Friday so that Eric would be able to spend his Holiday break riding the mountains of Los Angeles.

As part of Stinner’s “The Collection,” this magenta and cyan coat was done in-house at Stinner, at no additional charge. These “stock” paint options usually offer a bright, colorful option, paired with a more subdued variant. This year’s other option is a matte desert tan and grey paint job, similar to the livery on the Stinner Hardtail I reviewed earlier this year.

Eric’s choice in build kit on this stock-sizing Romero features a Deda F-64 DB fork, which offered me something different to document, in what is usually a sea of ENVE forks. He also chose a KMC chain to match the paint, along with a combination of silver and gunmetal components like Onyx Hubs and a Chris King Headset, with a Paul stem. My favorite, perhaps unintended matching bit is the SRAM Force protective film on the rear derailleur. I couldn’t bring myself to pulling that off, though.

  • Jim Watkinson


  • Steve

    Wow! Very nice.

  • Andrew Mc

    Damn. The attention to detail on that thing is incredible. Beautiful buggy. Curious on how the owner gets along with the Resolute tire on dry trails.

  • boomforeal

    fender, rack and watter bottle mounts on a high end cross bike. me likey

    • That new Deda fork is pretty damn nice. I love the fender mounts.

  • George T Rosselle

    I could not ride this bike. The guilt I would feel getting a speck of dirt on it would be too great.

  • dunxxx

    Great build. Love the color combo. The chain seals the deal. What’s the approximate weight on one of these Romeros??

    • I think this build was 24lbs on the nose. You can make them lighter by using a carbon cockpit / seatpost. For a large frame, that’s pretty damn good.

    • Eric Talesnick

      22lbs on that build

  • Josh Monteith

    This thing is ridiculous. Certain builds blow my mind and this is no exception.

  • Matt Christiansen

    If I see another sram force 1 rear derailleur with the protective green sticker over the “force” wording in a mag/web/blog post photoshoot I’m gonna lose my mind! Its like if a home designer left all the blue protective tape on there stainless steel appliances and took photos for time magazine, ugh!

    • Dexter

      Is it a protective sticker or has it been colour coded to match the bike? Looks a similar colour to the frame on my PC.

    • “My favorite, perhaps unintended matching bit is the SRAM Force protective film on the rear derailleur. I couldn’t bring myself to pulling that off, though.”

  • Eli Brock

    Onyx hubs have made my overall cycling experience better. They change everything. Please ride a bike with them, you won’t be sorry.

    • macatarere

      I have one in my hand, a single speed bolt-on with 7 cogs. I’m going to play with it at least until the New Year.

    • Alex Rhino

      Ive heard about these and actually forgot about them. I guess they’re made in Minnesota and have a clutch in them instead of pawls which give them constant engagement. Originally intended for BMX if I’m not mistaken.

    • Bil Thorne

      I have a 197 on my fat bike and love it. I have a hard time justifying it to myself for regular riding where I don’t need instant engagement and the weight is more noticeable.

      Can you sell me on them?

  • Dexter

    Damn that’s one sexy looking bike. Love that Deda fork!

  • Dr J

    The bike is nice but that colored chain just blows my mind. That’s taking customization to the next level. How did they do it? Did they disassemble the chain into individual pieces and then had them powder-coated? Insane, considering it’s the first part that will wear out and will have to be replaced soon.

  • Carsten

    Its a nice bike and works in the mud of north Germany too.

  • Carsten
  • David

    Very, very fucking cool.

  • Kawika Samson


  • Def the one time where the protective tape looks good!

  • kasual

    So SRAM needs to make anodized derailleur bits. Officially official.

  • Ryan

    Beautiful shots of a lovely bike, I particularly like #23.

  • Luca Liverani

    Love these bottles, any ideas on where I can find them??

    • Golden Saddle Cyclery (call the shop)

      • Luca Liverani

        Thanks, I sent an email, call from Italy isn’t cheap!

    • Eric Talesnick

      Cub House or Golden Saddle Cyclery

  • Andrew Mc

    I still keep coming back to this build. It is just so – right.