The Ritchey Outback Steel is in Stock Nov 2, 2017

Ritchey’s breakaway steel all-road bike, the Outback is now in stock, but only after rigorous field tests like Grinduro!

  • Alex Steinker

    Is there a link to this Steel Version? Or is it not out yet? Making me want to ditch my Logic AND my swisscross for this Outback. Just not the carbon version.

  • Peter Hedman

    Sure, tease us with the steel frame (that’s supposed to have been available since Spring!) and then only show the plastic one for sale…

    • The link goes to the steel frame. Sorry about that.

      • Peter Hedman

        Just razzing you…

  • ncoffeeneur

    Ferg’s descended into full on creepy uncle mode.

  • multisportscott

    Beautiful, any intel on whether you can fit 650b x 2.1’s MTB tyres in there?

    • Depends on the tire and rim, but the general rule is you need clearance for at least a 42mm tire to fit a 2.1″ mtb tire. I’d say you could probably fit the WTB “road plus” platform in there. Or any other 47mm 27.5″ tire.

  • MontrealsFinest


    I just had a look at the website and have to admit that I am a bit confused.

    “Weight: 2.17g (L – frame / axle / hanger)”

    Does that mean: 2170 g = 4.78 lbs?

  • Steve Toze

    Just finished building my Outback today, looks great, can’t wait to test it out!

  • Andrew Suzuki

    1. No rack or fender mounts on something marketed as an adventure bike?
    2. Pretty pricey considering it’s almost definitely made by maxway (like surly / all-city / many others), yet doesn’t appear to have any nicer steel at least like the macho king.

  • Eric Hancock

    Great looking frame.

    Thoughts on flying with hydro brakes? Wondering if throwing a bike with hydros in a flight case is asking for air bubbles.

    • I’ve never had an issue. I put spacer tabs in the calipers to keep them from compressing, but that’s it.

    • floody

      Really old Formula hydraulics (e.g. late 1990s-early 2000s Evoluziones) had dry-break connectors. Seems to me that tech would be perfectly applied to bikes that travel a lot, frames with breakaway connectors etc.

  • joshhh

    looks nice, but surprisingly low stack height for a bike of this style IMO. The bike in the vid and photos has a fairly aggressive position for an all-road/adventure bike, but is still running 3-4cm of spacers plus a tall top cap.

    • catnipjunkie

      Yeah, i wanted a logic road frame a while back but couldn’t get into that aggressive geometry. For some reason ritcheys are very low. When you already need a big frame and long steerer, spacer towers are not very intriguing. I have crazy long legs though…

    • frequentflyer71

      Totally agree. Why can’t bikes be designed for the vast majority of non racers out there.

  • shankshiv

    How does this compare to a Niner steel?