2017 Philly Bike Expo: Pedalino CNC-Fillet Cross Bike – Jarrod Bunk

2017 Philly Bike Expo: Pedalino CNC-Fillet Cross Bike
Words and photos by Jarrod Bunk

Julie Ann Pedalino spent ten years working as a fine artist, making a switch over to building bikes some time ago. From a distance, the Spray-Bike paint job pulls you in and from there, her CNC-fillet lugs (which change with every one of her creations) draw you in closer on the bike. These lugs are wild, with some details that are hand carved further.

It isn’t just a show bike, even with all of the exposed ornate lugs it will be getting raced this year Elizabeth Reinkordt as a tribute bike to her family with 3 generations of cyclists, going back to her grandmother, who was touring by bicycle in the 1940s. While on display at Philly Bike Expo, there was a storyboard with some photos of the tour. The lugs and the colors of the bike draw inspiration from the wildflowers and sunset of her home state, Nebraska.  With a mix of  SRAM Force 1, Thomson cockpit, and some polished adornments from Paul Component by way of their Set N’ Forget through axles and QR seat collar, you can bet that this bike will be around for seasons of abuse.



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  • RP

    Yeah Elisabeth!

  • This frame is just beautiful. Made my jaw drop, and my skin turn green with envy. A true work of art and brilliant design. Beautiful colourway as well. Just so lovely. I hope to see more design like this in the future, with steel frames.

  • nothingfuture

    I love how it looks (obviously, anyway) hand crafted at the top and front- and as you work your way lower/back on the bike, it gets less busy and more business-like. Such a cool progression. Such a fantastic bike.

  • AdamBike99

    I’m still attempting to recover from staring at those lugs…
    Refreshing originality and crushing execution Julie Ann!

  • breed007

    Julie got her start working out off the back of my local shop. If you’re thinking of having her build you a frame, go for it. She’s a kind soul that you’ll enjoy working with.

  • Stendhal1

    Wow. I recall reading about Julie Pedalino on another bike site perhaps two years ago and being impressed by her work to date (and her name, which is perfect) even back then when she had just started. Her new bikes shown here are stunning, light years ahead of her already impressive start. Bravissima, Ms. Pedalino! Your future is bright and the builder community should be honored to have you in its ranks (as I am sure it is).

  • shankshiv

    Love those clover blooms!

  • Dan Coppola

    Stunning bike! I had to look twice at the front of the bike – it’s amazing how the intricate lug work disguises that big 44mm headtube. Kudos.