Bombtrack Announces the Audax Endurance Road Bike Oct 30, 2017

Originally designed for road touring, Bombtrack‘s Audax has been reworked into a modern endurance road bike. The Audax’s geometry was tweaked, resulting in shorter chainstays, while maintaining clearance for tires and a double crankset, through the use of a custom yoke. Other features include investment cast dropouts, clearances for a 47mm road plus tire, a full carbon fork with mounts and the Audax frameset is made from Columbus Cromor tubing. Pricing is as follows: 2.199,99 € // 2.899 A$ // 2.100 £ // 2.529,99 $ // 2.779,99 C$ // 249,000 ¥ // 58.990,00 Kč

Be on the look out out for the new Audax in January of 2018. Check out frame specs and geo below.

  • Bluejaystr

    Been eyeing their bikes for a while but can’t seem to figure out who distributes them in the US :/

      • Gary

        We’re working to grow dealers throughout the country, hoping to see more out in the wild for 2018. You can definitely contact us at or call for more info. 2018 full line is out now!

  • Very similar to new Genesis Fugio 650b. Although this one wins the round with a very capable fork

    • Looks close to the Cosmic Stallion too.

      • hagri777

        Yes, pretty close. And as big All-City fan as I am I could not help to notice how elegant the hole and the plug for wiring on the chainstay is. I would expect this level of details and refinement from All-City and it is just a weld on the Cosmic Stallion. From here

      • Meshkat

        Similar in many ways. The Cosmic Stallion has post mount brakes, a BSA BB, and the fork is a Whisky No.9 with no rack attachment points. I guess it depends on what you want the bike for. Some people want as many possible points to attach things as possible (those people buy Surlys).

      • Manuel

        .. our chainstays are shorter though (420), and it seems we already found a way for MY2019 to bring it even to 410mm – but would have to stick to BB86 then of course, currently thinking about if or if not, but we like it short, so..

  • sturtlovinggood

    Seems awfully similar to their own Hook EXT model, which has tire clearance like the Crema Duo but with the same fork mounts as here.

  • KT

    that is a sexy bike