Your Favorite WTB Tires Now Come in Gumwall Sep 28, 2017

The Byway, Cross Boss, Nano, Resolute and Riddler tires all come in a gumwall option. These models are in stock now for ordering from your local dealer and will add a classic look to any bike. Check out more information at WTB.

  • Ian Stone

    The Crosswolf does not come in gumwall. You lied to me John.

    • Weird. I don’t know why it’s in the page with all the other gumwall tires. Sorry about that!

  • Fall in love all over again for the first time.

  • Jon B.

    Dear WTB,

    Please do the same for your MTB range.


    • Wish they would at least do the same for the MTB sized Nano’s. Then I could have a matching set front and rear with a larger one up front and Nano 40, or any of these other ones on the rear wheel.

  • Quinn Rohlf

    Looks like the gumwall TCS option for Nanos already sold out!

  • Refined Images

    Great, so the tubeless Nano will hold a seal even less now?

    • I never, ever, ever had an issue with the tubeless (TCS) Nano not holding a seal. What rims were you using and are you sure they’re TCS?

      • Ben Ripley

        Me either, and they went on with a track pump

      • mrbiggs

        Same here. I could blow into the valve like a balloon and they’d hold. WTB rims, Hed rims, Pacenti rims. I haven’t had to air up my Nanos (currently on WTB KOM rims) in six weeks.

        • mrbiggs

          Same with Riddlers and Resolutes, by the way. Just easy as cake.

      • Adem Rudin

        The TCS Nanos that I bought about a year and a half ago just didn’t want to seal up with Stans; they’d leak down entirely overnight. I dunked them in soapy water to find where the leaks were, and the sidewalls did their best bubble bath impression. Really surprising.

        I tried some Orange Seal (endurance formula) and they sealed a lot better, but still leaked down noticeably faster than the Maxxis tires on my mountain bike.

        • I think the newer batches are better. I’ve heard various people comment about earlier versions being not so great. I have also noticed that here in Colorado if I take tires off and leave them in my hot garage they tend to dry out and the sidewalls do the bubble bath thing. All of my WTBs inflate tubeless with a floor pump and stay inflated nicely.

    • carterofmemphis

      I’ve been on the gumwall WTB’s for a bit now and they work great, the only difference I can spot is that you might want to be a bit more careful about your set up. With previous WTB’s you could throw some sealant in the general area and blow at the tire and they would seat. These prefered a nice clean rim and wetted tire to do a trouble free seat. Just in time for Goat Head Season!

    • Bil Thorne

      They’re probably brownwall and not gumwall or skinwall. Think Panaracer GravelKings, not Compass paper mache stuff.

  • I have to admit that I love the new WTB tire range and I’ve had great luck setting up all of mine, especially with WTB rims…. However, I will never understand why anyone likes the look of gumwall tires. To each his own, I suppose.

    • probably because “they add a classic look to any bike” ;)