Race or Ride the Cosmos with the All-City Cosmic Stallion

The Cosmic Stallion

As brands and their customers evolve, so do their products and one company where that is most true is All-City. For a company that started with fixed gears only, to move from road bikes, cross bikes, touring bikes, a mountain bike and now, a dedicated all-road racer. The Cosmic Stallion is the latest bike in the All-City catalog and it’s their best yet.

The Cosmic Stallion is made from All-City’s A.C.E. tubing, is Di2-ready, with a newly designed All-City thru-axle dropout, 44mm head tube Whisky No.9 thru-axle fork, rear rack mounts, fender mounts, an English BB shell, with clearance for massive 700x45mm tires. Sizing comes in at 46cm to 61cm as completes or framesets.

What is it For?

I’m not one to compartmentalize or categorize bicycles aside from naming the galleries where all these Beautiful Bicycles reside. I don’t like the words “adventure” or “gravel,” but what I can say is this bike is meant to ride both on and off-road with some weekend or even week-long light touring thrown in. The term “Jack of all-trades, master of none” need not apply here. The Cosmic Stallion is meant to do all the above, really, really well.

When is it Available?

Believe it or not, these are either in stock now at your local All-City dealer, or en route from the QBP warehouses, so holler at your shop and take one for a spin. Fair warning though, you might want to bring your pedals with you, because you’ll wanna ride it home!

Retail is $2,599 for a complete as shown, or $1,250 frameset.

  • Matt M

    Someone was ready for that midnight EST to come around.

    Looks cool and at a great price. The 45mm tire clearance was why I chose a Niner RLT over others. This would definitely have been in the running had it been out.

  • Kevin Capo

    Great looking frame! Well done. With all these companies moving towards road geometries and lower bb heights, I’m wondering if these bikes would still be good for some cx racing too?

    • Blake

      Wondering the same. The geometry is actually very close to the macho man (435 vs 440 chainstays; 70 BB drop vs 73; 1030 wheelbase vs 1032 in a 55). Though the Macho Man was already a little less traditional on CX geometry, I don’t see why the Cosmic Stallion wouldn’t do just fine. I’m considered swapping my Ritchey Swiss cross for this. Race cross, and do other goodly stuff too.

      • Kevin Soules

        I was just comparing geo charts to my Nature Boy 853 for this reason too. One bike for gravel/cx/road had been a plan of mine for quite some time, and this could fit the bill without going custom & getting murdered by my wife…..

        • Alexander Rigda

          its amazing its coming in lighter than the macho man. I guess shouldering this thing would be the only set back but hell the geometry looks like it can def get the job done.

        • AdamBike99

          Murderous wives… *Sigh*

    • Chris Cochrane

      It’s on my list for a life of CX, gravel, trails, light touring and whatever else my road bike is not the best tool for.

      • Kevin Capo

        I’m also considering this as a replacement for my swisscross. Although there is the ritchey outback which seems to be almost the same frame as this, without the tapered headtube.

    • breed007

      eh, I have a Space Horse and I wouldn’t want to race cross on it. Of course, the fork on this thing is a little less raked out and the BB is 2mm higher, but I can’t imagine it would be great for that. If you want an all-rounder that includes cx, I’d go with a macho man/king. The BB height is low enough on those to make them better than most cx bikes on the road.

      • Tony Lane

        The only thing I’ve raced cross on is my Space Horse, it did alright. Feel the 26lbs and small tubes on the shoulder though. Totally love it on fast gravel though.

  • breed007


    • Ultra_Orange

      Macho-er King of A.C.E.?

  • BobW

    So kinda like a Sequoia but no 3rd H2O mount or mount locations on the fork?

  • Don Gouda

    The best part will be seeing all the killer builds people make of this frame… lets go!

  • Ace Metric Cycles

    S T O K E D . … is that a 55cm photographed?

  • Froste

    Dang. Was hoping for 650b.

    • Chris Cochrane

      All City says it’ll fit 650b x 47.

      • Brian Richard Walbergh

        My guess is that is a conservative estimate, All City seems to prefer lots of mud clearance. You might be able to squeeze 2.0″or 2.1″ in there on the right rims. I know people running those one the Whiskey No. 9 Fork at least.

    • Ham Sandwich

      real talk im stoked that its not. everyones doin that. all city likes to make everything a little fucky on purpose. not bad fucky. just a bit fucky.

      • jamesacklin

        The geometry is fucky all right

    • Michael McDonald

      It is 650b compatible.

    • jamesacklin

      I’ll back you up on this. Was hoping for 650b-specific geometry for smaller sizes much like the 2017 steel-fork Macho Man / Nature Boy and Space Horse Disc. It seems as though all All-City’s carbon-fork models claim 650b compatibility, but do not come stock with such a wheelset.

    • indigo_nico

      i’m building my 49cm stallion as we speak with the new zipp 303 tubeless 650b wheelset and a sram force 1x with the 10-42 in the rear. very hyped on this build!

  • Bil Thorne

    It looks like a fine bicycle cycle but if it brings anything new to the table to set it apart from any other allroadenduroneuring bike I don’t see it.

    • trololo

      shoulda thrown in a proprietary hub spacing standard while they were at it

      • Bil Thorne

        140 spacing for road minusplus

        • trololo

          28.69 seatpost (splined)

    • Bil Thorne

      I saw a smaller size on another site and it looks like they did some neat stuff with the seatstays, so there’s one positive thing.

    • Natalie Pitts

      May not bring anything necessarily ‘new’, but it seems like it’s one of the few gravel/all-road/whatever options that’s production, easily available, and made from high end steel with a carbon fork.

  • Quinn.e
    • boomforeal

      mmmm that reminds me of my kogswell g but with canti’s/more clearance… yum

    • breed007

      Rim brakes: In comparison they kinda suck for stopping, but they look waaay better. And isn’t that why we’re out there? To look good?

      • Quinn.e

        I don’t need to stop, just slow down. Have the bike set up fixed which helps in stoppping

        • breed007

          I’m rim brakes for life. Stopping is for quitters.

  • Love the continuation of the collegiate-inspired paint scheme too. Eager to see if the CX line evolves, but this is otherwise extremely rad.

  • charlesojones

    I think New Orleans Saints when I look at that paint job.

    • Don Gouda

      Shoot. I didn’t even think of this. now its all I see. Damn you

    • AsSeenOnOkra

      Works for me!

    • Nealipo

      Purdue Boilermakers

      • Steve Reynolds

        Vanderbilt Commodores

  • sturtlovinggood

    Stock build is not quite as balleur… boxier crankset and WTB wheels. Although I imagine lots of people building these up with 650b with WTB Hyperizons or Byways

  • Fred flintstone

    id like this color way on my friends’ bikes

  • recurrecur

    I really like the look of this.

    My only wish is that there was a fork with rack/bottle cage mounts, like on the Niner RTL 9 and Sequoia. This bike seems somehow more no-nonsense than those.

  • joshhh

    Praise the heavens for external, downtube-mounted hose/cable guides. Looks like they used the same bottom bracket guide/stop that the Salsa Vaya uses, which is a small detail but a good one in my book – no extra braze ons for the front derailleur if you run it 1x, but totally good for 2x.

    I’ll probably like the next paint scheme they do more than this one, personally, but whatev! seems like a sick bike. Hopefully someone tests 27.5×2.0-2.1s soon to see if they clear the frame!

    • we fit 27.5 x 47mm Byway tires on it with plenty of clearance.

      • Christopher San Agustin

        Was wondering if you knew anyone running 650b on the Stigmata ?

  • Harry

    Throw a Fox AX on it and git schwifty!

    • Benny Watson

      or maybe a Redshift ShockStop stem.

  • dickey

    They bill it as a “road” bike on the website, but it looks like it’ll do cyclocross just fine, with the added benefit of more braze-ons.

  • Ultra_Orange

    Looks good, price is alright, but besides being lighter than the Macho King and slightly tweaked geo and rear rack mounts it looks like a cannibalistic model. Lots of people already run the King for gravel so I’m sad this doesn’t have front rack mounts. It is nice that is has a double, the 1x drivetrains are cool but with this you have the option of a wider rear gear set. Honestly this isn’t in the horse line it looks more like the Macho line.

    • breed007

      It’s a racey-er Space Horse. A Race Horse, if you will. Makes a lot of sense to me since I run my Space Horse as a gravel bike and this would be a lighter option with almost exactly the same geo.

      • Ultra_Orange

        I was thinking of getting a Space Horse as an affordable and more available alternative to the Kona offerings for gravel and touring. But Fred is such a fan of the King he road in DK this model just seems weird. Compared to the heavier Marin Four Corners with Rasta paint its a tough choice because the four corners is less expensive and more versatile and dude RASTA! Just disappointed they they didn’t just commission whiskey to engineer the fork with inner and outer mid mounts as I would rather dirt tour with a split load rather than is all on the ass.

        • breed007

          I’ve built up both a Macho Man and a Space Horse for gravel and I prefer the Space Horse. Not that the Macho Man was bad, but the Space Horse is so much more compliant and comfortable given the longer chainstays and lower BB.

          • Ultra_Orange

            then that makes want the apex disc and get the No. 7 fork so I can just swap at will. Not going to be as light but the change I’d save would go towards a wicked set of wheels.

          • breed007

            My SH weighs 22.5 lbs, FWIW. Not sure I’d want to swap out the fork as it’s light enough and I don’t want to kill the ride quality. I will say that they MM/MK would be a better all around bike while the SH is a better gravel/touring bike. But you have plenty of road bikes so I doubt that’s what you’re going for.

          • Ultra_Orange

            Actually I’m down to only 2! There might be a few frames but thats all in the riding fleet. Not sure is hot swapping the forks would ruin it since it is identical to the spec for the steel fork aside from materials. My current go everywhere Schwinn Le Tour Luxe is a portly 30lbs and my size in SH is 26lbs stock(Weighted the one at the Garage a couple of weeks ago). Who am I fooling in a few weeks anything I’m interested in will be sold out as per QBP and Kona operating procedure.

          • breed007

            As much as I like the SH, if I were looking for a “go everywhere” bike, I’d probably go with a MK.

  • powerski

    Can you run this with 28 mm tires for pavement road use as well? Just asking cause I’m a newbie.

    • Ultra_Orange


      • powerski

        Even with a second set of rims with disks?

        • Robert Franklin

          I can’t imagine any reason you couldn’t. That’s exactly what I do with my RLT… 2 wheelsets with 42s on one and 28s on the other. I don’t see why this steel drop-bar gravel bike with carbon fork would be different from mine in that respect.

          • powerski

            Thanks for the input.

        • Benny Watson

          I would run tubeless 32mm tires on these wheels (Specialized Roubaix Pro 2Bliss 30/32 is what I’m using) and make the second wheelset something a little wider for the bigger tires.

    • You totally could, but 32mm road tires would be better. It’ll lower the bottom bracket height a bit, but you’ll be ok.

      • Ultra_Orange

        28c isn’t Groad/Grovel/Gravel the gods will strike you down leaving a pile os slag.

  • Any idea what it weighs? I don’t want to math 5oz from one of their other frames. Di2 ready, but post mount brakes…. Just makes it harder to piece together your own build. I know internal routing can be a pain, but wish it had it just for piece of mind. Otherwise funky cool easy to buy bike. Almost wish they sold it with 650b out of the box.

  • Nathan Cozart

    John, how does the ride compare to your Crema Duo and Kyle’s Stinner? Similar geometry, snappiness, and versatility? More gravel, less monster cross? Great looking options out there! I love the addition to the AC lineup. I need to ride both this and the MK to get acclimated…

  • Kris

    I checked Whiskey’s site regarding the fork and they say it can only clear a 41mm tire. So I guess that 45mm clearance is for the frame only……….?
    (Unless you like riding with 3mm of fork crown clearance on a gravel bike…)

    • sturtlovinggood

      Jarrod snapped this photo: https://www.instagram.com/p/BXX_tIbAc80 700×45. Looks snug, but I’d ride it

      • Kris

        Thanks. I had a bike with similar clearance to that. Probably would want something more than that for the conditions I ride in, that and fear of rubbing against the fork crown.

  • Russell

    Maybe not for “racing” per the All City warranty (http://allcitycycles.com/images/uploads/All-City_Warranty_Policy.pdf).

    This warranty does NOT cover the following:
    Products that have been modified, neglected, used in competition or for commercial purposes, misused or abused, involved in accidents
    or anything other than normal use

  • John Williamson

    What is the actual weight of the stock build?

    • Sylvie Baele

      23.8 lb (58cm) according to bicycling.com