Radar Roundup: Scarab Santa Rosa Disc Integrated Road, Old Man Mountain Flip Cage and Axle Pack, Shimano EX900 Dirt Shoes, All City Zig Zag 105, Mountain Bike Trail Names Are Weird, and Penhale Bicycle Company on Bike, Camp, & Chill


Radar Roundup: Scarab Santa Rosa Disc Integrated Road, Old Man Mountain Flip Cage and Axle Pack, Shimano EX900 Dirt Shoes, All City Zig Zag 105, Mountain Bike Trail Names Are Weird, and Penhale Bicycle Company on Bike, Camp, & Chill

Our Radar Roundup compiles products and videos from the ‘net in an easy-to-digest format. Read on below for today’s findings…

Scarab Santa Rosa Disc Integrated Road

Scarab Bicycles – who builds custom steel bikes in Colombia – just announced its newest model, the Santa Rose Disc Integrated. You can probably tell from the name that the Santa Rosa Disc Integrated is a road bike incorporating the ENVE Integrated system for a super-clean front end. Furthermore, this bike is built to fly up and down mountains, and all the terrain of Colombia meaning it’ll be a substantial ally on your home turf.

Simultaneously, Scarab is announcing a new paint scheme – Campesina –  that they will be offering for a limited time on all of their bikes. Every Scarab customer goes through a curated, multi-step process to build the absolute best bike for the rider, which further showcases the love of color and life that stems from Scarab’s Colombian roots. This “Campesina” paint scheme is a culmination of those sentiments and heritage.

Check out more at Scarab.

Old Man Mountain Flip Cage and Axle Pack Prototypes

At Eurobike this year, Old Man Mountain debuted two new prototypes. One they are calling Axle Pack (left two above images.) Axle Pack mounts with OMM’s Fit Kits to add 3-pack mounts to any fork without compromise, even on tapered carbon forks. It mounts just as smoothly on suspension forks too. It is fixed to the axle so it cannot spin or slip like strap mounts. While most 3-pack mounts are limited to 1.5lbs each, the Axle Pack can carry the weight of a rack without having to worry about damaging your bike…

The next prototype OMM unveiled is the FLIP Cage. This is a cargo cage with a quick locking mechanism. Like all of OMM’s gear it’s built for rugged trails. When not using the quick detach bags it’s a fully functional cargo cage with a removable foot. The version OMM displayed was 3D printed but the final version will be injection molded.

We will be making bags for FLIP Cage to match our new Ponderosa Panniers and Juniper Trunk but we know there are tons of amazing bag makers out there so we will be offering FLIP as an OEM option to bag makers too.

Check out the full unveiled look at Old Man Mountain.

Shimano’s New E900 Shoes $300

Shimano has been rolling out a whole new lineup of dirt-oriented shoes with uses from gravel, mountain biking, and more, all geared towards the adventure cyclist but the E900 caught our eyes. These rugged touring shoes with a hiking-inspired design, are perfect for passionate cyclists and extreme outdoor adventurers, and include a breathable mesh upper and waterproof GORE-TEX® performance liner that will keep your feet comfortably dry. The dual-dial BOA® fit system features two L6 dials that will deliver micro-adjustable fit options for smooth pedalling or hiking stability.

As a protective and eco-responsible shoe, the EX900 features a sustainable mesh upper and midsole, made from up to 18% recycled materials. With the ULTREAD EX specific outsole pattern, a wider forefoot contact area also provides a more secure grip and reduces cleat ‘chattering’ for comfortable walking. Further enhancing grip and stability, an optional rubber cleat cap is available separately, and will enhance walking traction and unclipped pedal grip.

  • Weight: 442g (size 42)
  • Color: Black
  • Sizes: 38-48 full sizes

See more at Shimano.

All-City Cycles Zig Zag 105 Model $2899

The All-City Zig Zag is the brand’s endurance disc road bike with clearance for 32mm tires with fenders or 35mm tires without. It geometry is tuned for those sun up to sun down rides and now, it comes specced with a full Shimano 105 kit, including flat mount brakes, and a Whisky No9 disc road fork. Also new is this stunning metallic gold wet paint job, accentuated by All-City’s custom seat cluster and dropouts.

Meet the new Zig Zag 105 at your local dealer and at All-City.





Mountain Bike Trail Names Are Weird

They’re not wrong!



Penhale Bicycle Company | Bike, Camp & Chill Podcast

Andy Holmes is the “Chief Cook and Bottle Washer” at Penhale Bicycle Company—an independent frame builder of adventure bikes that allow riders to explore the world, or their own backyard. After his decades of riding and working in the bike industry, Andy aimed to design truly versatile machines… Watch or listen to the Bike, Camp, & Chill podcast for this profile on Penhale Bicycle Company.




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