Rob English’s Trans America Race Bike May 25, 2017

I love it when framebuilders still find the time to take on challenging rides like the TransAm:

“My interest was piqued when I heard that there was now a race on the TransAm route. I mulled it over for a while, eventually deciding it was the challenge I needed for the year I turned 40. I toured the Western Express version of the route back in 2003 – going back to ride it fast was for some reason appealing! I have a background in endurance mountain bike events, road racing and time trialing, as well as extended touring. So this kind of brings all that together.”

Check out more from Rob, including process to final photos at English Cycles.

  • Colin White

    Everything about this is amazing

  • This is so great! I’m sooo into the concept of fast/light touring with skinnier tires and almost traditional road race geo. This thing is a dream. I recently set up my Wraith Hustle with a similar ethos for a PHL to NYC solo cruiser and it was a ton of fun + comfy. I hope to see more builders putting out bikes like this in the future.

    • Andrew

      Awesome wraith!

  • recurrecur

    Love this, and especially the cage mount behind the seat tube.

    Spyres are really getting a lot of attention on builds lately.

  • Gene

    I absolutely adore this bike! But could someone explain to me the logistics of going with Sram E-Tap for a TransAm bike? Carry a dozen batteries and charge at any opportunity?

    • i think the same way you handle charging of lights. i would use a usb battery pack and charge that every few days.

      • Gene

        I guess… I figured part of this race is to mitigate excess equipment. They already have lights & gps to recharge regularly. Having done endurance events, the LAST thing I want to worry about is my equipment battery level.

        eTap gets only about 1k miles – which is roughly every few days. I guess that’s the difference between equipment to compete vs equipment to complete.

        • i guess there isn’t really a way to get tt bar end shifters with sti levers in a mechanical system also

    • Mike O’Neil

      I don’t think the battery drain is that much of a drama. I ran XT Di2 for a 7 day MTB stage race in February, was fully charged before the start, 5032 shifts during the event, and I got a low battery warning last week, after another ~600kms. That’s Shimano of course, but I imagine that SRAM battery life will be easily able to last for the TransAm.

  • Rider_X

    How is that frame bag mounted? There are no straps holding it in place.

    • Sean Fleming

      frame bolts

  • kermitonwheels

    It’s a wonderfully and fully realised project. I love English’s approach.

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