Every Time We Go To Owens Valley May 30, 2017

… we discover new things to do and my heart warms up even more to this region in California. Expect some Reportage later this week.

  • Those pillars are unreal. Always blows my mind a little when I see ’em pop up on the innernets.

    • where are the pillar thingies exactly?

      • JSH

        Lake Crowley

    • Erik Steele

      Are they Man made? Blows my mind?

      • Not man made. The pipes or vents are formed by degassing of the Bishop tuff.

        • Erik Steele

          That’s Science! Thanks, I need to get out of Utah once in a while and not Disneyland. 👍🏼😂🌵🌵🌵🌵

  • Nick

    The range of light, baby. It’s where my heart has been for most my life, ever since I discovered it hiking into Lamark col from Bishop with my brother 25 years ago. Not to be sappy, but damn I love these mountains.

  • charlesojones

    I do almost half of my riding in this area. It’s outstanding. Thanks for sharing.

  • bob_not_bob

    It was freaking perfect out there this weekend!

  • Erik Thompson

    what rack is that?

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