White Industries’ New Headset Teaser Mar 7, 2017

White Industries has widened their product range with their new headsets announcing officially at NAHBS this year. While these new headsets aren’t available just yet, but if all goes well, they will be for sale this year. Expect a variation of headset configurations, along with more information soon. If you’d like to drool over more photos, check out some more below.

  • Tim Travis

    Looks great… excited to snag mine later this ye https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/0f79eea9ce71c5cb621bf6ca9aad950b0aed3be0f5fa8e28cd02a120e7ef3493.jpg ar and complete the trifecta!!

  • Tim Travis
    • Jack Newcomb

      Back Issues?

      • Tim Travis


        Waiting on my Fit…
        just got her together in those pics

        • Jack Newcomb

          Stem height’s pretty much up to you no? That’s a awesome bike btw I’m super jealous

          • He’s waiting on a fit, which means someone tells you where / what / etc your stem should be.

          • Jack Newcomb

            Three fitters have told me height of the stem has a large range of acceptability. Generally, as you get more flexible you can lower your stem and still be comfortable. I’d be willing to bet he can go lower.

          • It’s bicycle mambo!

          • Jack Newcomb


          • Sebastian Schwägele

            Yeah right. But you won’t win anything. What an incredibly useless discussion, can’t even remember how many clever people I’ve met who told me how high/low my stems should be. Trolls.

          • Jack Newcomb

            What? There’s no need for the insults man. Of course a bike fitter will tell you where to put your stem. I never suggested otherwise.

          • Tim Travis

            I paid so much for it, that I wanna get it right… even like this it’s without a doubt the most comfortable bike I have ever owned.

            Better pics of the paint can be had here:


          • Jack Newcomb

            Oh man the details in the paint are lovely. That mixed nothreadset is super dope too. Ride it ’til it explodes!

          • That paint job’s incredible! Beautiful bike! Thanks for sharing. Now about that stack hei…just kidding.

    • Thanks for sharing your bike dude! Sorry for the stack heigh convo that followed.

    • Trent

      Awesome bike! I don’t know why so many people seem to care about how many spacers, how long the stem, and the stem angle. I just like when people feel comfortable on their bike, and this bike is rad.

      • m f

        True- anyone whining about the spacers would ride the hell out of that bike and enjoy every minute of it with zero complaints.

        Human body changes over time, preferences change, etc. This is an awesome bike and I’m glad the owner has the foresight to get it right over the long term versus appealing to a small subset of the industry for a photo shoot.

  • Chris W

    Wish these were around when I was building up my 29+ bike! Went with a King instead so need for sympathy.

    One of these will definitely be replacing the well-loved Cane Creek on my ‘cross bike, just had a new wheelset built up with White hubs and they’re killer so far. WI seem like good people, wish I had stopped in the last time I was in Petaluma!

  • Frank

    I’m still waiting on WI to make 1x chainrings for their square taper cranks … please.