Chris King’s New Limited Edition Colors Mar 17, 2017

We’ve seen the bright and matte emerald color on the Moots from NAHBS, now here’s a look at all three limited edition colors from Chris King: matte black, matte slate and matte emerald. All three colors are available for ordering now. Limited Edition Matte Emerald is available for pre-order now and has a 40-day lead time. The last day to place an order for Matte Emerald is June 12, 2017, so holler at your local Chris King dealer today.

  • floody

    Matte slate looks like M570 LX…Matte colours in general look very secondhand very quickly on dirt but I guess they’ll be good for the disc road folks.

    • AaronBenjamin

      Anything looks secondhand on dirt in short order!