A Look at the Team Dream Stinner Road with Mavic Open Pro Wheels Mar 12, 2017

Even though this bike has been featured on the site before, I wanted to unveil the full monty after it had new wheels at NAHBS. The Team Dream x Stinner is here in Salt Lake City, floating between the Campy and Stinner booth, rolling on new Mavic Open Pro rims. These rims have a new profile, Exalith technology, eyelets and are tubeless compatible. Wheels can make or break a build, in terms of aesthetics, and I really feel like this bike looks complete now. Check it out in person today at NAHBS, and see more photos below.

  • Adam Clement

    Love this bike. It is hard not to with a paint job that sparks the LeMond fan in me. I am sure Greg LeMond would have been beside himself to have had this instead of his Team Z bikes. Wheels also come with so many miles of heritage and are a ideal fitting!

  • Rex Lombardi

    Hmmmm 19mm inner, so outer could still be much more… Magic is so “classic”.

  • jtbadge

    Curious how the Strada Biancas measure on these rims. They are around 32mm on my Archetypes. Fascinated that they clear the ENVE fork and standard calipers.

    The wheels and tires definitely put this build over the top. Love it!

    • I rode them on Bontrager Aeolus wheels and they clear the enve + ee brakes just fine. :-)

    • The archetype like the TB14 is 23mm outer so they are about 17mm internal width, so your rims are 2mm narrower than the MAVIC’s. That equals taller tyre. This is why tyre sizing is always so confusing. Manufacturers listing larger than actual size doesn’t help either. I’m running a set of Schwalbe delta cruisers on a set of TB14’s, in a 70s era steel frame, set up as a roadster. They’re marketed as 35mm, stated ON the tyre as 37mm but on my rims at 65psi measure about 32-33mm

  • jway18

    Still waiting on a tubeless compatible tyre with tan sidewalls…

    • shawn182

      ive set up pasela pro tite with good success

    • Matthew Charlton

      Vittoria Corsa Speed? only in 23m though…

    • Jared Wilkie

      Compass Bon Jon Pass, but only if you can clear 35c

  • Renato Silvestri

    Does anyone know the ERD yet?

    • Andy Moore

      The shot on @teamdreamteam’s IG feed lists dimensions somewhere in the comments.

  • Hollis Duncan

    Whoever called the Flite, pat yourself on the back.

  • Dylan Buffington

    Ill take 8.

  • jh

    Stinner nailed the “Z” inspired design. Is that frame steel or ti?

  • Scott Atkins

    Anyone know when these rims will be available to the public?