2017 NAHBS: Appleman Sprinkle Donut Disc Road

Oh, you like donuts? Do you like donuts a lot? Perhaps you have a stem cap or a bottle with a donut on it. In this world, there are people who are willing to commit to a donut on a t-shirt, and there are people who are so committed to donuts that they make their carbon fiber road bike one giant donut. This year at NAHBS, Appleman did just that.

How’s that for donut dedication?

  • One of the coolest bikes I’ve ever laid my eyes on. Just wow. The personality in this ride is just over the top sweet. This bike should win all the prizes. ?

  • FireUrEngine

    Candyman’s dream.

  • Adam tremblay

    Someone already did a donut bike last year at nahbs no?

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