A Look at the Bikes from the Chris King 40th Open House

A Look at the Bikes from the Chris King 40th Open House
Photos by Billy Sinkford, words by John Watson

Portland was a buzz in December. With the SSCXWC bringing hordes of cycling fanatics to the area, Chris King decided to throw an open house in celebration of their 40th anniversary. After a few months of calling out to select framebuilders, the team at Chris King displayed a wide variety of bicycles all built with select King 40th components. Then, to round-off the display, a few “vintage” bicycles made their way on display, including the matching bike to Chris King’s own classic Cielo. Since I can’t be everywhere at once, many thanks to Billy for taking a few photos of these bikes.

If you’re bummed that you missed out on the 40th collection, they’ve still got some of the Chris King wheels for sale. I bought a set of the Hed Belgiums for my Speedvagen!


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  • Noel Smith

    Bike porn at its finest.

  • Wow!

  • Jon

    I CANNOT get enough of those Retrotec bikes! If that is not the sexiest thing I have ever seen!

    • Barack Hussein Obama

      Curt Inglis does some nice work.

  • Locke Hassett

    That Yeti.

  • Tyler Morin

    Wowsa, these are some amazing bikes!

  • Alex Hillis

    Sorry, I just OD’ed on ODG. And holy hell that Mosaic!

    • +1 on the Mosaic. SOOOO good.

  • Brad

    Great shoot,nice to see how much work some of the builders had put in to those bikes. Great work.

  • Keith Gibson

    Really great bikes

  • Barack Hussein Obama

    Hopefully Trump will build a wall around compact geometry, make aesthetics great again.

    • Meh

      • Barack Hussein Obama

        Nothing like these fat modern tubes with a nice classic geometry, level top tube and -17*. Barack isn’t too hot on heavily sloping top tubes. I am really liking all the paint to match or polish to match stems too, that looks fantastic.

  • that last cielo, man, so good.

    • Erik Fenner

      The headtube lug and headset cup made from are a single piece of steel, machined and hand carved by Chris.

  • That last Cielo is off the Charts Fire!!

  • Hate to say it, but the Santa Cruz is my favorite!

  • I can’t figure out why I love Sycip so much… but I think I know where my next bike will come from!

  • mp

    Wow. Any pictures of those bike stands? Wooden benchs with an axle or chainstay support?

    • Erik Fenner

      There is a metal bar that goes up to the crank arm for a bolt to thread in like a pedal.

  • FireUrEngine

    Eye candy

  • What size of wheels are on the Moots?

    • David

      The wheels are 29er, the tires are 2.1 or 2.25 from what I gathered on Schwalbe’s tire chart.

      • I can’t stop looking at that bike and its awesomeness.

  • David

    Everything here is fantastic.

  • Richard

    Now THAT is a quiver.

    Nobody does anodized Ti like Firefly. And I’m a sucker for the old-school cable routing on the Yeti. And “ditto” to the raves about that last Cielo.


    The stem clamp on the Moots Baxter is awesome! Great gallery of bike porn right there.

  • Jeff Taylor

    The paint on the Mosaic. Aaron and clan know how to bring it…

  • White Mike

    Retrotec and Santa Cruz get the thumbs up.