Easton’s EC90 SL Cranks are Made in Canada Aug 9, 2016


When Race Face bought Easton a few years back, the company received a thorough makeover, resulting in the EC90 cranks. These hollow carbon crank arms are made in Canada, feature a 149mm Q-Factor, 30mm spindle, are optimized for 2x or 1x performance and come with a bottom bracket. Make sure you check out the EC90 SL cranks for your next ‘cross build.

  • Kiiinda want these for my next road build. Would be nice to get as much Made in Canada on that frame..

  • Anthony M. Garcia

    Any idea how many of Easton’s parts are Made in Canada? I’ve been shooting for a Made in USA bicycle, but items like handlebars (and non-square taper cranks – although I’ll probably get the new WI crank) are nearly impossible to find. I can handle a Made in North America bike!

    • As far as I know, it’s just their cranks. Fox, who now owns both Race Face and Easton, has been consolidating operations between the two companies. Prior to their acquisition, Race Face was only making their cranks in Canada, and I haven’t heard anything about the Canadian production operation being expanded since then. It stands to reason that they may do more in the future.