Sam’s Sklar 29er is Headed for the Colorado Trail – Morgan Taylor

Adam Sklar has been building bikes for five years now. Among his first customers was Sam, a good friend from high school. Sam had Adam build him a single speed 29er, but Sklar #4 has since been through many iterations over the years. Recently, Sam was feeling like his original Sklar, while abundant with character and nostalgia, was ready to give way to a new Sklar. Adam’s style has certainly developed over his time building bikes, and Sam wanted to honor his friend’s success by commissioning another frame.

Sam's Sklar 29er is Headed for the Colorado Trail – Morgan Taylor

With its swoopy hand-shaped tubes and intricate custom details Sam’s new 29er is unmistakably Sklar. He chose an XT 1x group with a silver build kit that complements the sky blue powdercoat perfectly. While the build is absolutely stunning, Sam intends to ride it hard, and soon. This week, Adam and his tongue-in-cheek #sklarbikesfactoryteam are headed out on a bikepacking trip along the Colorado Trail, ensuring Sam’s bike will be put to good use immediately.


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  • PabloP

    I have wondered about how the sidewalls on those tires would hold up on the rocky trails in my neck of the high desert.

    • hans

      i’ve got a buddy here in socal that rides the shit out of those tire and they seem to be holding up pretty well.

    • George Simler

      I’m a rank amateur riding on them in the rocky conditions of New England, which means I haven’t the faintest idea of what line to take…so I’m banging them pretty regularly and they have held up so far…. :)

    • Lewy

      I had a terrible run on the skinwalls. I did 1100kms on them and had 12 flats. I hear they now have an EXO sidewall version.

  • earle.b

    That is hella tight. Great work Adam. Wonderful pics Morg.

  • dthio

    Fantasic. Which bars are those?

    • Harry

      Hunter Smooth Move

      • dthio


  • Eltigre

    Oh momma! Love those swoopy lines and that fork!

  • awesometown


  • Justin Scoltock

    Beautiful and shred worthy! Nice work. Also wondering what bars those are…

    • Powell

      Hunter x SimWorks Smooth Moves, my man

  • Brian Sims

    The tapered headtube, plus shaped and curvy tubes are wonderful. Yet there’s something about the (to me) drastic bend in the downtube that seems inconsistent with the otherwise silky smooth curves elsewhere. Adam seems to use this design on all/many of his frames; curious why?

    • Adam Sklar

      Hi Brian, the curved seat tube allows for ample tire clearance. It is necessary for modern mountain bikes, and I like the way it looks. Cheers!

    • Colin Frazer

      I think Adam might have misread what you were referring to Brian. I agree that the bend in the downtube has a less flowy curve than rest of the bike. Adam and I spoke about this a while ago: the tightness of that curve’s radius allows for maximum interior frame space (which many bikepackers are looking for) while allowing clearance for the fork crown as it turns, especially larger suspension fork crowns. His bikes are a balance of form and function, and they shred, I assure you. Hope that helps!

    • Scott Felter

      What is (also) rad about Adam’s bikes? They look like nothing else out there. And they RIIIIIIP…

    • Adam Sklar

      Oops! Totally misread that. Colin got it spot on, thanks.

  • Jack

    I may be in love with that orange/red bike. Though the sklar is gorgeous, I’m a sucker for a more traditional look. Anyone know where I can see more of it?

  • It screams future classic!


    what is a tires?

    • dthio

      maxxis ardent skinwall

  • firmanfirdaus

    What’s that wrinkle on the upper part of the seat tube?

    • Trevor H

      Appears to be a butt weld of two pieces of tubing coming together. I’d suspect that it has a different ID than the rest of the seat tube, allowing for better post clamping and standard sizing.

      There are a number of Ti builders that do similar.

    • Adam Sklar

      That is a weld where the seat tube collar is attached. Some powders show this off more than others.

  • sniktasam

    Thanks for the rad bike Adam, and the beautiful shots Morgan. Locked and loaded for a week of high country shredding, yew!

  • Jonathan E. Seely

    Polished Duallys on that? Love the silver components.

    • Adam Sklar


  • AdamBike99

    Boyz in da hoodz! Those hooded fork dropouts are sick Adam. Beautiful work man…

    • Adam Sklar


  • Alex Wichman

    Anybody know who makes that chain tensioner? It would look better than the Hurdy Gurdy for a build I’m working on.

    • ABW

      I’m not sure the manufacturer, but the tensioner is built into the dropout, or rather, the dropout slides in the frame to tension the chain (or change the wheelbase). No retrofit possible unless you’re interested in cutting your existing frame and welding in new frame parts.

      • Alex Wichman

        Ah ok, I realize that now by looking at both sides…bummer. Hurdy Gurdy it is!

    • Scott Felter

      Paragon Machine Works slider dropouts.

  • Brett Cronje

    Destined for greatness, this builder.

  • Piet Sawvel

    Adam, that’s truly a splendid build. Curvaceous! Good luck, Sam. Just a word of caution about riding the CT with a rigid. I love that trail but the saddle hours can add up. On a SC Tallboy I’ve been pecking off segments as time permits, and with two friends rode 13 (bliss) and 14 (a proper beating) last weekend.

    A local extreme runner, Joe Grant, completed the 2015 CTR in 5:07:31 on a rigid Reeb Sam’s Pants. Joe’s got a third lung or something, but his bike model is better suited to the TD or similar. His account at is worth a read.

  • Matt

    classic stumpjumper blue