One Mad Max Bruce Gordon 26″ Touring Bike

Ok, maybe this isn’t exactly a Mad Max-level bicycle but it looks like it’d take on a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles.

Bruce Gordon‘s bikes are mythical beasts and finding one used isn’t exactly easy, seeing as how many of Bruce’s customers bought a bike from him for life. Max picked up this bike off Craigslist, in fairly decent condition, yet built with a bunch of random parts and so for the past several months has been tracking down all the parts to make it complete again. That meant locating a Bruce Gordon “Chicken Neck” stem and getting it painted to match, ordering several PAUL component bits, getting a pair of the Bruce Gordon canti brakes and last of all: ordering those Compass Rat Trap Pass 26″ x 2.3″ tires.

The result is one rusty-looking touring bike, with big, plump tires and a riding position that’ll be comfortable for days, yet highly shreddable when need be. Jealousy besets me right now…

  • hans

    yeeeaaaah Max!

    • Max Duck

      Ya buddy!

  • ZianStudios

    Damn, this looks like a fun bike! I’d love somethign similar, but with flat bars and thumbies.

  • ANBL

    not even close, this is the ultimate mad max bike <3

  • tb

    I have a Specialized Hardrock that looks almost the same as this, albeit much less expensive to build. Glad to know my style is not lacking, just my funds…

  • Justin Scoltock

    Of course the bike is sick…but hows the neck, Max?!

    • I saw him riding a road bicycle made from fibers of carbon yesterday. His leg hairs were longer than a cowboy’s face who lost his prized horse.

  • From one Mad Max to another, WICKED!

    My post-Apoc rig is ready:

  • Noel Smith

    The building had just collapsed 50ft away prior to the photo. What a lovely day..

  • Robert0321

    What makes that stem worth $365?

    • Noel Smith

      An American made it instead of a Chinese dude..

      • Robert0321

        Does that justify a $365 price-tag though? I mean, i can understand a Chris King rear hub being $500 or whatever because a lot goes into making one of those.. but a simple stem?

        • Well, I’m not justifying it, but it’s fillet brazed with really clean hardware and it’s painted in house. Personally, I would say $300 is a fair price (considering that others charge $250 for a tig-welded custom stem). Paint is insanely expensive, compared to powder, so I have no idea…

          • Justin Hughes

            The photos on the above BG do not show a fillet brazed stem, FWIW.

    • Max Duck

      I can’t answer that. I purchased this 11* /140 from the “NOS” section on his site ($100) and Bruce was happy to paint it for an additional $40.

    • Matthew J

      Extreme durability.

  • Steve McKay

    Which bars are those?

  • dwambaugh

    I’ll raise you one, Max :)

    • Noah Behnke

      I have seen this before I think

  • Golden Saddle Ride.

  • You would use a capital I!

  • What bars are they?