Breadwinner Holeshot Disc

Breadwinner’s presence in Japan is huge. At the Gourmet Century Asuke, I saw so many Breadwinners, from the Lolo to the Holeshot, just about every group of riders sported at least one of these made in Portland frames, all built to the same general spec: Chris King everything. This one just looked so good after a morning rain that I had to shoot photos of it.

  • btompkins0112

    Chris King, check. Thomson, check. So nice…would love a b-road, myself.

  • AdamBike99

    Just add the King Cages and it’s complete!

  • Domingo

    the bottle boss plug + the cable rub really confuses me. Amazing photos of an amazing steed, I can smell the forest dew just looking at them.

  • Erik Rozendaal

    beautiful build in it’s natural environment. Will rip off the decals froms my rims tonight!

  • planning_nerd

    seatpost needs to be turned around, logo facing wrong way

  • HurlEverstone


  • Toño Gallardo

    What’s the trick to stand the bikes? that little rock in rear wheel?

    • Luke

      And photoshop. Clone stamp tool and a bit of healing usually does it. Note the doubling of the little twig under the crankset and a little to the right.

  • t.mckeown

    nasty ding in that real wheel or is it an optical illusion

    • Wyatt Cave

      I think you are seeing things correctly