The Personal Bike Show in Nagoya Japan with Sim Works and Circles May 28, 2016


Next week I’m taking off for Japan, to tag along with the Sim Works and Circles crew on various rides, including a bikepacking trip around Mt Fuji and the Gourmet Century! There’s much more to come, but for now check out details for the Circles Personal Bike Show happening this Wednesday below.

Personal Bike Show is happening!

Wednesday, June 1st, 3pm~
Place: Circles, Nagoya
¥1000 w/ 1drink

PBS Exhibitors List
Chris King
Curtis Inglis
Jay SyCip
Jeremy SyCip
Mike DeSalvo
John Watson
Oscar Camarena
Dobbat’s Saiba
Shin Hattori Fabrication
Shinya Tanaka
Come hang out with these guys and party!


  • Ryan

    That PBS logo parody is great.