2016 NAHBS: W.H. Bradford All-Road

Bikepacking isn’t limited to mountain bikes and this W.H. Bradford has some tricks up its sleeves… For starters, there’s a Thomson dropper trigger under the SRAM shifter, extra bottle bosses on the Ruckus Composites-altered Whiskey fork and plenty of triangle space for that splinter camo Porcelain Rocket bag. With clearance for Bruce Gordon’s Rock N Road tires, this bike can go just about anywhere and when it’s time to stealth camp, it’ll blend right into the woods. Just don’t let that Profile Racing freehub spin or you’ll blow your cover.

18 responses to “2016 NAHBS: W.H. Bradford All-Road”

  1. masterpiou says:

    What’s that fork please? Nice one.

    • John Watson says:

      It’s a custom job. Made by http://www.ruckuscomp.com/ from a Whiskey fork.

      • masterpiou says:

        Thanks John! Well done. I have a Whiskey N°9 fork on my (own) handmade gravel bike. It’s the only fork to offer a 45 tire clearance. Unfortunately, I don’t have this custom bottle bosses.

        • Jake Riehle says:

          The new(er) Enve fork has 45c clearance too actually. I have one on my bike and run Rock N’ Roads on it with plenty of room to spare.

      • I tried to get Ruckus to build me one, and they said no!

        I’m still amazed that no one is selling a fork like this. Every carbon fork with bosses is either too long or too short / not enough clearance. Supposedly Niner is going to sell their fork aftermarket, but I haven’t heard anything about that for a while.

        • Shawn Small says:


          Sorry to say but yea we only did this as a one time deal for Brad!

          • Kerry Nordstrom says:

            I was really hoping you would do this as more than a one-off…I think I’m going to jettison my Whiskey No. 9 for a custom steel fork w/ eyelets shortly.

  2. somebody_aight says:

    I’m curious about whether he uses the dropper with the saddle mounted bag?

  3. Derek says:

    I got to talk with the guys at W.H. Bradford at the show and they mentioned how close of a relationship they had with Profile Racing; just look at the part spec of that clunker that was posted earlier. On this bike, rather than the usual (insane) 204 point engagement of the Profile Elite hubs, they said they asked Profile to do “something special” for them. No exact figures from the gentleman I got to speak to, but he said it was “near 300 points”. Lots of thought put into this bike, it was one of my favorites from the show.

  4. Fenton Crackshell says:

    Who are these cyclists clamoring for digi camo in the woods? In the PNW, we regularly encounter gun nuts shooting up forestry service signage and trees. If you dress like GI Joe, you will be the victim of a fashion crime and possibly even a “hunting accident”.

  5. Brian Richard Walbergh says:

    Really Nice, not that flashy. I am interested in why they chose to mount the fork cages at such and extreme angle. I could see it being easier to grab from while riding, but mounting them lower and more towards the outside would allow you to use a cargo cages as well.

    • Billy Arlew says:

      Also curious if taller bottles clear the downtube?

    • Erik_A says:

      Agreed on the fork bosses. They should be facing forward like on the Salsa Firestarter Fork; and much lower.

  6. mosklubban says:

    Swedish M90 camo pattern… sweet stuff. Just get the VOID camo wind jacket and go hit the road.