2016 NAHBS: Moots Routt with Black Magic Paint

Moots makes lifelong bicycles for people wanting the most precise titanium machines. While many opt for the raw titanium look, or maybe the half-painted “bragger’s triangle” scheme, other clients go completely over the top, looking to a painter to make their bike magic. This Moots client went to Black Magic Paint with a specific theme all mapped out and Rudi being Rudi made it happen…

8 responses to “2016 NAHBS: Moots Routt with Black Magic Paint”

  1. Ryan says:

    Painted Ti for the win! Love it! The bike is awesome too; I’m fortunate to have an LBS that “made” me take a Routt 45 out gravel grinding.

  2. Eli Kranefuss says:

    So cool to see Studio Velo, my favorite bike shop, and Moots get on the front page of the Radavist!

  3. dmaloski says:

    Shout out to Kayser&Co for the impeccable graphic design and color scheme on that badass frame.

  4. Kim Roberts says:

    That is absolutely friggin’ stunning! I’m a huge fan of raw Ti (the more raw the better), but this paint is just luscious! I could easily see myself doing something like this… and that’s a fiscally dangerous thing to start thinking about… Ah, who am I kidding? We all know I’ll probably just end up doing it! Kudos to the owner and painter, an intricate scheme with multiple facets of interest. Well done indeed.

  5. bloibl says:

    bead blast it all off.

  6. Andy Moore says:

    #nevermore! ;)

  7. Andrew Suzuki says:

    so wrong, yet so right