2016 NAHBS: Hunter Disc All Road with WTB Road Plus Wheels

Over the years, NAHBS has become the launching platform for companies to release new products, utilizing custom frames as the backdrop. One of those new projects are the WTB Road Plus wheels and tires, finding themselves on this Hunter Cycles Disc All Road.

The concept is simple. Generally speaking, a 47mm 650b wheel has the diameter as 700 x 30mm tire. The tire they’re using for this system is the new Horizon Road Plus Tire. These new tires accompany WTB’s new 650b disc wheels.

Back to the bike. This Hunter Cycles really pops, with a wishbone rear, Shimano flat mount disc mount design and that elegant fork crown. The build is topped off with Praxis cranks and Sim Works cockpit. Enjou!

  • Chrue

    hot! those dropouts….

  • Ham Sandwich

    ugh. can you imagine how high-and-mighty grant petersen is feeling right now? he told us. we didnt listen. WE DIDNT LISTEN.

    • rocketman

      except all his roadish bikes are over built and won’t fit this tire.

  • barry mcwilliams

    Thank god that I have no money. I totally want to try this on my CX.

  • Ultra_Orange

    Are those hex headed through axels?

  • GT

    dat fork

  • Joe

    “Do you really need a new bike? Your cross check is fine. You don’t need disc brakes, you don’t even ride in the rain much. Think of the budget!” – Things I’ve been telling myself for years now. Then this shows up….fuck.

  • Frank

    Those WTB tyres look much like the Compass switchback hill (650 x 48). Same tread pattern, same talk of suppleness and all roadness. Thanks Jan!

    • maldoror meeks

      except they weigh a 100 grams more and are made in china – but yeah, other than those minor differences, same tire…lol

      • Frank

        I’m not sure you caught my drift. I was trying to say thanks to Jan for his pioneering work in making quality tyres like the switchback available … and that bigger companies are now jumping on board with copies (that I agree are not the same quality).

    • rocketman

      the difference is that they will have better distribution and a lower price, FYI the std casing Compass tire is 478 gms. Great to see some other choices in this size!

  • Which saddle bag is that?

    • Chris Valente

      Just a guess but might be a Strawfoot roll.

  • tony365

    ? Whats the idea behind the arched top tube? Iv’e always been curios.

  • Chris W

    Anybody know exactly what dropout hardware is being used here? Looks like PMW skewers but I’m really intrigued by the silver inverted cones on the drive-side.

    • Rob Dickerson

      He custom builds his own I believe

  • Powell

    Nice one Rick!

  • alex

    Definitely one of my favorites from NAHBS!!

  • Andrew Mc

    Beautiful bike, and I can’t help but share my sentiment on the whole “plus” tire thing…

    • Logan N. Everly

      Have you ever ridden a tire of this substantial size? It’s heaven. Even a 700c larger than a 38 is amazing.

      • Andrew Mc

        I have, and do enjoy big tires. Currently on Nano 40’s and was on R&R 45’s. I was just poking fun at the trend of marketing all big tires as “plus.”

  • Andrew

    anyone know what seat bag that is?