Velo Cult Customs Ahearne and Igleheart Dirt Tourer

I can’t help it. I love touring bikes with big, fat, high volume tires and funky stances. This project in particular was born from the mind and abilities of three important individuals, residing in the Portland area under the Velo Cult Customs umbrella.

This Ahearne Dirt Tourer is a collaboration between three people: Sky from Velo Cult, Chris Igleheart and Ahearne. We’ll start with the most obvious hand: Chris Igleheart‘s segmented fork, which is complimented by the Ahearne rack and frameset. These bikes are 100% custom, can be built with 26″ or 27.5″ wheels, have an optional upgrade of Honjo 90mm Fenders and are rugged enough for even the toughest dirt touring and bikepacking expeditions. One of my favorite details are the braze-ons hidden below the top tube for a strapless bag install.

This is the first in a series of Velo Cult Customs, the line will grow to include road, randonneur, cross and a gravel racer in the coming months.

Contact Velo Cult for pricing and availability.

  • Jon B.

    Oh man so good. A 26/650b/fat tire touring/rando round-up would be a good read.

  • ap

    me gusta. Stance looks fun / mean.

  • Area45

    I could really get into something like this.

  • Brian Richard Walbergh

    Been seeing this unbuilt at Velo Cult for a while. Looks great built, has an air of practicality about it. Can’t wait to see their other customs. 110 BCD Road triple ,interesting, looks tight but like it fits. I gotta check out the chainstay/BB shell area next time I am there.

    • Richard Carle

      Is that a Sugino crankset?

      • Brian Richard Walbergh

        It is an older Specialized most likely made by Sugino.

        • specialized flag crankset. Very low Q.. lowest actually. Very sought after.

  • kasual

    hamana hamana hamana

    Time to start browsing colours to powder coat my racks.

  • Billy Arlew

    custom bars?

  • DopePedaler

    Holy guacamole

  • rocketman

    wonder what the rake on that fork is? Looks like 60 mm plus. Nice bike but 650B+ tires are the way to go.. much better tire selection.

  • Natalie Pitts

    26+ with 2.75″ Dirt Wizards, yes! Love mine. This bike looks like a blast.

  • Noel Smith

    frickin beastmode..

  • Fear Rothar

    The widest Honjos I’m aware of are 62mm wide. Do you have a pointer to a 90mm version?

  • AdamBike99

    Now that’s a Cult I need to follow… “The nighttime is the righttime…” A. Sandler