A Weekend in the Sierra Mountains at Giro Cycling’s Grinduro!

When Joe Parkin approached Giro’s Dain Zaffke about a new race format a few years back, the initial reaction the two had was more than a chuckle, rather than any degree of seriousness but the seed had been planted…

Why not make a new race format? Part gravel grind and part enduro. Grinduro. You get the best of both worlds, competition and socializing on bicycles. A few segments would be timed: a fire road climb, a fire road descent, a road time trail and a singletrack descent. The event would prove to bring about a rather interesting dialog: what is the most diverse bicycle in your stable?

Sated steed...

Hardtail mountain bike or cross bike…

This event had a formula for success: hype, a location (Quincy, California), an organization (Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship), frame builders (more to come on that) entertainment and camping.

I drove up to Santa Cruz the day prior to the event, camped before car-pooling it up to Quincy. We set up camp, did a shuttle run on our cross bikes (so good) and rested up for the early start the day of the race.

Party train!

While it’s easy to get caught up in competition, I really wanted to take it easy and just go for a good time on the singletrack. It was going to be a long, hard day in the saddle but I dropped my camera in my backpack and took off with the start…

I could go on with more details but I think this gallery will do the talkin’. Enjoy!

  • Brilliant!

  • Harry

    If there was a Radavist photo of the year, Id vote for one of the tandem bike pictures without question. #stoketoberfest

    • As good as some of the ‘action’ shots are, I vote for #63

  • Isaiah Kramer

    I was just talking shit on this ride last week… Damned if I’m not eating my words, looks so fun.

  • Jean-Philippe Vine

    great to meet you- killer photos as always.

  • Josh Siegel

    just got back to LA and was surprised to see a gallery already. The course had beautiful trails and was really fun.

    Amazing photos; you really captured the event and the vibe.

  • colo

    What brand are those jerseys that say “dfl” on them and where the hell can I get that hi-vis leaf pattern one?

  • Lalo Guerrero

    Spectacular! So great to see Quincy and the lost sierra get some much deserved love! Look forward to doing this event!

  • Nick Perzik

    this looks so rad! i gotta stop working at a bike shop so i can actually do some of this stuff…..

  • So rad! I love the mixed race format.

  • All of the Kyle-Amanda tandem photos. So much happy, so much stoke.

  • D0rk

    Wish I could have crossed the country to go to this. Also, Grinduro? More like (WTB) Nanoduro…amirite?

  • Alex Hoffman

    ahah that rad itchy n scratchy oak jacket ended up in the lost n found.. whoops

  • Sean Curran

    seeing the rat rod theme dirty, now I get it, looks great.

  • marty larson

    good lord. That tandem. I can confirm that it is a most kick ass vehicle to shred on. Going to have to find a way to get one in the ever fuller garage…

  • Brett Cronje

    Looks like an amazing event!

  • Tyler Johnson

    The TRACKO Tandem

  • Marc Gasch

    Next year.

  • So much fun!!

  • David

    this is amazing. won’t miss it next year.

  • leeon

    where can I find a strava link to this ride?

  • Ian Stone

    #51 looks like he’s on some tanwall Nanos

  • PNT

    2017 I’ll be there:)

  • Kerry Nordstrom

    The shot with the goat is seriously the best.

  • Armand

    #68, drop bar carbon fork’d Ros 9 plus?!

  • Richard Olive

    After a few flat months The Radavist has got it’s mojo back! Thanks John, I love these photo stories. Please keep up your great work.

  • Dan Savage

    What hitch rack is that in pic 1?

    • It’s a Yakima, but since then I bought a 1Up rack and it’s so amazing!