Rivendell Hillborne Country Bike

The Samuel Hillborne is Rivendell’s self-proclaimed “Country Bike”, meaning while it’ll do just fine around town it’s best at home touring the countryside. Actually, that’s not true at all. Not that bikes need rules, or stigmas for that matter, but the Hillborne is one of the most beautiful bicycles to be included in the Rivendell lineup. A veritable “do it all” bike. Road rides? Sure. MTB singletrack? Yep. Touring? You bet. It’ll do all the above with an uncanny elegance.

So elegant that you really can’t photograph this bike in a cityscape. It needs the sunbleached, parched rolling landscape as a backdrop. Whether its Walnut Creek’s rolling hills, or in this case the terrain of Los Angeles where it currently resides.

As far as the build is concerned it’s very Riv-esque with shellac’d Nitto Albastache bars, Schwalbe Little Big Ben tires, Nitto M1 rack, the IRD quill stem shifter mount and a brand new Brooks saddle.

Built originally for a rider who later determined it was a bit too long for him (hence the short stem), this bike is now at Golden Saddle Cyclery in Silverlake, Los Angeles with a price tag of $2,200 as shown. If you ride a 58cm and want a killer deal on a like-new complete, holler at the shop. Otherwise, just ogle this Beautiful Bicycle in the Gallery.

  • tony365

    awe Jesus man that’s f-ing just well awesome thanks for sharing

  • kasual

    God save the quill stem.

  • adanpinto

    Can say I’m in love with Rivendell “Country Bikes”

  • JLN

    Any reason the left shifter isn’t a bar end shifter?

    • Chris

      My guess would be that the front shifter was added after the bars were wrapped.

    • Greg Biché

      because it’s a riv? because why not?

      • JLN

        I guess. Easier than shifting with a stick.

  • Adam Christians

    I have one of the original Waterford made Hillbornes and its the only bike I need. It does it all: Camping, country rides, grocery stops and some light trails. All Riv’s should come equipped with a front basket, standard.

  • Jordan Mackinnon

    Rivendell = still the coolest lugs in the biz

    • John Rinker

      Absolutely, Jordan. A fine balance between simplicity and beauty. I believe this may be called ‘elegance’.

  • Beautiful. What kind of rack is that?

    • cork grips

      Nitto M-1

  • Richard Smith

    I like the colours; they sit very nicely together! This might be a dumb question but why two top tubes? (Someone had to ask…)

    • John Rinker

      Richard, On larger frames, the extra top tube reestablishes (or preserves) lateral stiffness in the frame, or so the story goes.

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  • Óðinn

    Sweet. I see one of these in my collection in the future.