Mat’s 2010 Rock Lobster Road

Paul Sadoff has been getting a lot of love here on the Radavist as of late and surprisingly, a lot of the recent the bikes featured have been steel. These days, I feel like Paul is doing more aluminum frames, so when I catch sight of a steel road bike like Mat‘s 2010 Rock Lobster with Dura Ace and Chris King, in a bright blue I have to shoot photos of it.

Mat went with the pewter head badge upgrade, orange nipples, orange Salsa skewers and used his trusted Concor saddle for the finishing touches on what otherwise is a relatively straight forward build.

Steel road bikes will always have a place in this world and bikes like this are perfect examples of aesthetic balance and function.

  • hans

    hell yeah!

  • Tim

    Your site has so much amazing content. Thanks for all the stoke. Any idea what rims Mat is running on his Lobster?

    • David

      I am not entirely sure, but those look like HPlus Son’s minus the labels…

      • Matsfro

        Ligero Wheelworks Dark matter rims. Lighter than h-plus with a different shape. Also a true ceramic coating.

        • David

          Awesome! thanks! I am going to look those up!

        • David

          edit: double post with excitement over new rim discovery.

  • ap

    i’m confused. Are you saying this is aluminum? Looks steel ? V. nice bike regardless.

    • recurrecur

      I think he’s saying Rock Lobster does more aluminum than steel, which makes shooting this bike a special occasion.

      Definitely steel, this.

    • Jacob Hunter Creighton

      Saying steel Rock Lobsters like this one have been getting a lot of attention, because Paul is building with aluminum more often these days, it seems.

  • Justin Lindsey

    These things ride like glory, I have one set up with some challenge paris-roubiax tires and its sooooooo smooth.

  • Jacob Hunter Creighton

    Painted Enve fork?

    • Matsfro

      Yes. But when I had it built Enve was still edge.

  • mp

    Great lines on this bike.

  • Damn that’s nice. I’ve always been a Campy-kid, but as of late, I’m really liking the looks of Shimano on steel. Just looks nice and clean.

  • That head tube badge! Among all the other awesomeness here…

  • Kristian Schwartz

    My next ride will be a Rock Lobster. Paul is the man – no frills all soul.

  • Kyle Deven

    Life goal.

  • Richard Smith

    This thing is proper

  • JCurtis

    Kills it. Maybe my favorite Lobster here. There is just something so right about this one.

  • Paul Tateosian

    the welds are incredible

  • leeon

    compact crank?

  • gabriellelbishop

    ^^ check this out


  • r u m b l e

    nice bidons. which brand?

  • scottmbobbitt
  • mariejthomas

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  • peterlombardi

    What blue is this? It’s gorgeous! Great bike/build!

  • charlestwalker

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