Mash SF: Chas on Battery Street May 8, 2015

All I can think watching this (and after navigating the ever-increasing congested streets of SF last week) is… suckers! Chas steers no-handed with ease through a sea of sedentary car commuters who’d be better off riding bikes in the great city of SF. Nice one Mash!

  • foilpan

    i don’t know if it’s that i’m getting older and more crotchety or if it’s because i commute almost every day with my son in a trailer to take him to daycare, but riding like this and the other mash videos just makes me shake my head. riding with a kid has definitely made me take extra caution. i guess the freedom of youth is gone for me. stay alive out there, people.

    • Kurtz

      Oh yeah for sure, I’d definitely never skitch an uber w/ a kid on my bike’s childseat.

  • Erik B

    Touch all the things!

  • Froste

    This is so awesome. Poor people in their fucking cars. They need to be enlightened!

  • I gotta say, impressive bike skills aside, Mash kills it with the music selection on these videos.

  • gabriellelbishop

    $%$% check this out