Jason’s Stinner Frameworks Mudfoot Cross with Campagnolo 11

It’s not everyday that you see a cyclocross bike with Campagnolo Chorus 11 speed. I suppose it’s not too common to see a Geoff McFetridge-designed bike either, unless you’re in Los Angeles, which is Mudfoot territory.

Jason, like a lot of us, likes to use his cyclocross bike for road rides, dirt rides, trail rides and even a bit of ‘cross racing. These days, he’s got road wheels on his bike for heading into the hills and mountains surrounding LA. Yesterday, he took a leisurely spin up Griffith Park en route to getting a bite to eat.

I’ve seen countless Stinner Frameworks x Mudfoot bikes, but his was set up differently than others. Things I like about this bike: the white housing, GSC Steal Your Shop stem cap, the Prologo saddle, juxtaposed by the white bar tape. Things I don’t like about this bike: that it’s not dirty enough! Get out and ride that damn thing more Jason…

  • Katherine Fuller

    That is all.

  • AMAZING! Love the blue of the bike and the wall.

  • xscott902x

    Always stoked to see Campy ‘cross bikes! I run a very similar set up on my own cross rig. I’m really liking the look of the mini-moto up front, I’ve got a neo-retro up front and find myself wanting a little more stopping power at times this might be the push I need to upgrade.

  • professorvelo

    the white housing and tape + blue hoods = the shit

  • James Moore

    That is one sexy bike. Good god, I have a serious case of the wants.

  • JLN

    Love those frames, and that build is spot on. Wish Mudfoot would release more stuff to public (stickers, patches, caps, more socks).

    • tanner

      Branding on these is so good!

      • Thanks. We plan to make more available. But Mudfoot operates a bit more like a hippy food co-op than a proper operation. I often think of the scene in 24 Hour Party People where Peter Savile comes into the club with the beautiful poster for the party that happened the night before…

  • Frank

    Hi. I really like that you’ve started including the bicycle’s owner alongside. It makes it much more real. Thanks.

    • kermitonwheels

      Agree, the owners in the set really completes it. Its nice too.

    • I try to do that when possible. Some people don’t want their portrait taken, others aren’t present when I shoot them, but yeah, it’s my favorite photo from sets like these. Thanks for noting!

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