Bicycling Magazine Has Been Paying Attention May 20, 2015


First, came a re-brand by House Industries, then came this cover. A photo shot by Brian Vernor of our favorite man-crush Ultra Romance laying down a siqqqq skid on a dusty corner in the Santa Cruz mountains.

Someone at Bicycling has been paying attention… Stoked over suffering, Instagram over grams. The industry needs more of this.

28 responses to “Bicycling Magazine Has Been Paying Attention”

  1. this one definitely goes to eleven

  2. Katherine Fuller says:

    While I agree 111% on stoked > suffering and the like, I’m truly surprised that Bicycling swung so far in the other direction. Think of the reader it caters to. How many of them do you think are going to be totally freaked out by this image and not relate to it? I’m curious how their core values will shift/have shifted/won’t shift … ? As a professional communicator, I’m a bit confused. As a rider, I think it’s RAD.

    • John Watson says:

      They must see a new readership in “new” media spots… cough cough like here.

    • firmanfirdaus says:

      For a magazine as big as them, i think this “shift” have gone through many process, research, reader’s comments, etc, etc. I don’t think it’s a sudden trial.

      • Katherine Fuller says:

        Of course it’s not sudden, but it still strikes me as interesting. I’d love to see the data Bicycling is using to make adjustments. And to John’s point, that’s why I am here and my Bicycling subscription is many years lapsed. Just too much of the same, too much that doesn’t resonate. When they have to publish stories laying out 12-step plans for having fun on bike rides (and not stressing so much over numbers), I throw my hands up and walk away, because fun on a bike is all I know. But to quote Seinfeld, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.” To each rider, their own.

  3. Alan Peterson says:

    so stupid. lets get with the reality.

  4. Tommaso Gomez says:

    The dude in the picture is J. Poppi Ultra Safe, not to be confused with J. Poppi Cool Romance, who never wears a helmet.

  5. Brandon Day says:

    I think the “updated” perspective Bicycling found is rad. After all.. bikes bring the fun times, right?

  6. Hunter Garrison says:

    I don’t think it means they are totally shifting in this direction, I just think it shows they are finding a balanced perspective. As “Bicycling” magazine they are trying to hit a little bit of everyone’s interest aka “something for everyone” which I applaud. I’m far more likely to pick one up now, than I was 4 years ago.

    • D.J. Bolles says:

      I think I know what you mean… It’s always seemed like a very performance based magazine. But, over time i have noticed a shift and like you said, “Something for everyone.” They’re trying. Aside from that I think it’s so rad to see this dude on the cover and finally, as the lower right corner says, I’ll finally learn how to stuff my jersey pockets!

  7. Shucks . . .

    And thanks.

    I like to go in corporate meetings and explain that our core value is this: Yay bikes!

  8. William Winslow says:

    I’m happy to see the switch as well and its nice that they are starting to ‘get it’. But do they really ‘mean it’? Ehhh…I’m going to go ride bikes and not care about bicycling magazine…at all…

  9. Chrue says:

    damn! those legs…

  10. Mike Lammers says:

    I’m looking at a 1983 cover of BMX action. Good magazine making is knowing where you come from!

  11. David says:

    I think it’s more like Stoke AND suffering. Instagram (? whatever that means exactly since Instagram has everything) AND grams. It’s not one over the other.

    A lot of us appreciate our hand built, custom steel bikes as much as we appreciate professional bicycle racing. As douchey and elitist as Peloton can be, they’ve found a nice niche of balance for those of us that truly are diehards for racing as much as we are stoked on riding our own bikes.

  12. Ultra_Orange says:

    Cycling has alway been less about the bibs, but until recently those were the ones laying down the most cash. Cycling is a very diverse sport and activity that so many people in the would enjoy. We ride our rusty gold and our sleek trip bikes, some care about grams and others travel distance. We may not see eye to eye on what is important or best in a bike but we all enjoy riding and everyday I get up and think about riding and every night before bed it’s the same.

  13. disqus_KZD2FBYTyQ says:

    did bicycling’s AD’s use Velo in their redesign and new logo, or did house redesign the magazine, or just the logo? I’m looking at the former. Looking forward to checking out how the inside looks.

  14. We had House just do the the logo by modifying Velo, it isn’t used as a typeface in the issue. We have a minuscule art dept. for a national magazine, so we evolve every issue as opposed to doing a full redesign. This conversation reminds me of people trying to figure out the meaning of 4 8 15 16 23 42. You would be surprised how little strategy and foresight we can have, and sometimes we just do what we like because we like it, it’s really that simple. Yay bikes!

  15. carl bradtmiller says:

    i just think its funny that you linked to everything except bicycling magazine.

  16. michael says:

    well i’m pretty excited about their expanded “magic nut” coverage.

  17. Kyle Kelley says:

    I thought this was shot in the Los Padres forest.

  18. charlesojones says:

    Evolve or risk extinction.
    Glad to see them choose the former and I look forward to checking out their new style.