Pacenti’s New and Improved SL23 Road Rim Apr 24, 2015


I’ve been riding the “old” version of the SL23 on my Stinner cross bike and have really been impressed with them. So much so that when Pacenti announced yesterday that they had a new design in the works, I couldn’t imagine how they’d improve upon the platform. So, what’s new? Check out this informative graphic and yes, these bad boys are in stock now and shipping at Pacenti.

  • breed007

    They had me at easier tire mounting…

  • Robert0321

    I’m more than happy with my ‘Old’ Pacenti rims as well, the tyres are a pain to mount though.

    I probably wouldn’t be able to use these re-vamped rims in my CAAD10, the 25mm tyre barely clears the brake callipers without the ‘increased tyre volume’.

    • Walton Brush

      i’m pretty sure that a wider rim bed will actually give the tire a shorter profile or lower height and wider width. which would give you more vertical clearance. think about if you do the splits you get lower to the ground… but that is just my guess.

  • Ultra_Orange

    almost ordered these last week but went with the older version, 80 a hoop is one hell of a discount vs the new model

  • D0rk

    Funny, the SL23 is now officially wider (internally) than the SL25, both 24.5 outer, 20.3 internal vs 20. I wonder if the 25 will cease to exist or get even wider itself. I just submitted an order for a wheelset with SL25’s yesterday for my new cross/gravel/adventure/buzzword road bike. Would have been nice to have a bead blasted finish. At least the SL25 seems to have most of these features already, aside from the finish.

    • Ian Stone

      Sl23 is rim brake and sl25 is disc brake I believe.

      • D0rk

        I forgot about that detail

  • STW

    cool, a fake technical drawing. gets me all excited!