My Team Mudfoot Stinner ‘Cross Bike with SRAM CX1

You know the saying “good things come to those who wait?”, well, the original saying, which was shortened for public consumption was written by a cyclocross racer in Belgium back in the 1850’s. His text, which was later transcribed on his tombstone said “good things come to those who wait all ‘cross season…”

Here we are, at the end of the 2014 season, with all but two races left for the year, States and Nationals. Most of us are at our peak fitness, or maybe we’re already packing on the winter weight, but for whatever reason, suddenly I feel a lot stronger. Those parts that have been waiting for months suddenly have a home and my bike rack in the house, with that empty hook, finally has a mate. This is the peaceful twin, to the black metal steed, my Geekhouse Mudville.

When this project was first announced, I was honored to have Luis and Geoff from Mudfoot think of me to be involved. I can’t help but think Aaron Stinner may have had something to do with it as well. After a few email correspondences, Aaron agreed to ditch the “production geo” and go full custom. He asked which geometry I preferred and to be honest, I was completely satisfied with my Geekhouse, so we stuck to that for the most part, save for a half a º steeper head tube.

Then the question arose: disc or canti? Since this is my race bike, I chose cantilevers. I’m not opposed to disc brakes, I’d just prefer them to be on an “all-road” bike with a lower bottom bracket. Part of the fun of riding a cross bike off-road and on trails is the geometry.

Aaron Stinner loves True Temper and vice versa, so he chose a full OX Platinum tubeset, with a milled down head tube to reduce weight. The wheels are something new. My first tubeless setup thanks to the Pacenti SL23 rims and a “fingers crossed” moment of setting the 40mm WTB Nano tires up – which seem to be working. Chris King R45s and Paul Components skewers round the “feet” off of this Mudfoot.

ENVE everything and one of the new – to me – Fizik Kurve saddles. I’ve been riding one of the old ones on my Geekhouse all season. I stuck with the Speedvagen ENVE stem because I like the integration and functionality of it. Now all I need is to find my spare Hunter Nugz… The component – or rather components – that brings the entire build together is my favorite group, designed specifically for cyclocross, SRAM’s CX1. As a working unit, it’s unmatched in my opinion and if you ever have the chance to ride it, you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Most of the discussion with regards to the frame’s powder and the carbon bits’ paint has been had over at the frameset Gallery post, so head there for any questions you might have and all I’ll say is, yes, this bike rides really nice. Part of the difference I notice is in the rear end. My Geekhouse’s stays are a bit beefier, so that was the first noticeable difference.

For now, using my Mudville as a pitbike has helped in both this weekend’s past races, but the future of that bike is uncertain. Maybe I’ll make it a singlespeed? Or maybe I’ll keep it the same? The build kit and geometries are almost identical, which is great for a pit bike but very redundant. I love both bikes, but it just so happens this one is new and something new always delivers a boatload of confidence. At least, until I crash on some trail, somewhere.

The build weight, with 40mm tires and pedals is 18.5 lbs.

I want to thank Aaron Stinner and Geoff McFetridge for making this happen, Jonathan at Mellow Johnny’s for the build and all the companies who support Mudfoot.


  • Mike Skalnik

    God that blue is so glorious

  • Nick Valdes

    I’d like to see some feed back on the SL23’s once you get some time on them. If they’re as good as they look they’re the best option for those of us still running rim brakes on our cx rigs.

    • mrbiggs

      I’m no Radavist, but I’ve been running the SL23 all fall on my all-road Surly and they’re just GREAT. I have the Pacenti 10sp hubs in them. I’ve put 41mm Knards, 35mm Schwalbe Evolution road, some 33mm Ritchey cross tires, and 25mm gatorskins on the things and I just love ’em. Between the SL23 and Paul MiniMoto, I think I can hold off on discs for another five years.

  • Jacob Felton

    smooth like an SUV, functional like a truck.

  • mr. apodaca APODACA

    It’s cool you went for setting up those nanos tubeless i’ve been on the fence about it and have heard they work but if they held up for you in your weekends trashing I think i’m in like sin!

  • Allen K

    Making the Geekhouse a SS just means there’s another race at every event you can enter ;)

  • Powell

    Pretty balleur! I thought going all blue with the components was going to be overkill, but it looks great. I bet part of Aaron agreeing to go with a custom geo was his empathy for the pain of the tall boys

  • Eric Baumann

    congrats on the new ride, love the “blue’d out” scheme! as far as geometry goes, a half degree in the HTA might not sound like a lot but it makes a HUGE difference in my opinion. I’m guessing you went from 71.5 to 72? If so, you will be very happy with that decision ;) I would keep the geekhouse as a dedicated SS rig, would be a great pit bike and SSCX racin is fun as hell. Either way, enjoy the new whip!

  • Mike Kimbro

    Yeah, thinking I just found the perfect blue for my forthcoming rock lobster…

  • AttackCowboy

    Beautiful bike. Only thing missing ATMO are a pair of blue Mash bar ends.

    • You can’t run bar ends on ENVE bars.

      • AttackCowboy

        Too bad but good to know. I’ve seen them used with their mountain bars but after looking up ENVE’s faq, they recommend against it for all their bars.

  • mywynne

    Also waiting for some Hunter Nugz to wrap up a build!

  • Tyler Morin

    This bike is beautiful! I absolutely love the blue color of this. Makes me want one real bad!

  • boomforeal

    bike looks gorgeous and deadly

    • Felix

      but… peace…

  • Tyler Morin

    Just out of curiosity…I know you run HED Belgium C2+ on your geekhouse, any reason specific reason you went a different route this time?

    • I didn’t have the C+ rims. I had the non tubeless… I was interested in trying out the Pacenti rims.

      • Tyler Morin

        Ahh, got it!

  • Matt Rumora

    Beautiful machine – Blue is the color of dreams! ;-) Just had a pair of SL23s laced to NOS Campy record 28 hole hubs… Love, love, love those wheels. They’re mated with Clement MXP on my “cross” bike – can’t wait to try them on my road bike with more svelte rubber…

  • Chris Chapman

    dog poop jammed in your rear brake? Nice bicycle man.

  • carl bradtmiller

    you know they supposedly make those 40mm nanos in a tcs bead? only problem is that theyre never available. when i can get some ill give them a try but until then im digging the tcs cross boss 35. hearing that snap when you inflate them is confidence inspiring, but then again for me thats on a tcs specific rim (which is essentially a sealant based ust bead). with smaller tires, tubeless specific setups become much more important (for usefully low pressure). with the width of the sl23 and the volume of the nanos you probably wont have problems, but i like to think that there are enough tubeless cx options now to avoid “ghetto” setups, even those with good results

    • Production error – those have never been available – they will be in January. For now, a few dudes I know have been running the normal Nanos tubeless with no issues… 40mm or GTFO.

      • carl bradtmiller

        yeah you cant run them at nats tho…

        • Yes you can. USAC rules apply, not UCI. I asked Bonnie at the last race.

          • carl bradtmiller

            looks like for juniors under-16 and non-championship races youre correct. singlespeed, masters and collegiate are 35mm, everyone else is uci (33mm). are you running tubes on your pit bike? more pressure than your new setup?

            new ride is pretty nice, btw

          • Yeah, I’m not doing a UCI race. Masters 30-34 and the “industry” race. I’m going to relace my pitbike wheels to SL23s if I like these and run those tubeless.

          • carl bradtmiller

            cool, did you see they changed the schedule and those are back to back now? im glad i didnt register for both…i would be a little pissed about that. i didnt see you on the industry start list. im thinking there will be better handups in that race

          • Allen K

            You’re thinkin of the nonchamp 30-44 being right before Industry on Wednesday. His masters 30-34 race is on Friday!

          • carl bradtmiller

            masters 30-34 championship (the one on friday) is cat 123 only. also cant run the nanos in that race (or at least it would contravene the rules everyone else is supposed to play by)

          • I didn’t register yet or see that. Drats…

          • Allen K

            Industry and Masters are different days! Or did you mean you’re doing the Non-Championship 30-44?

          • I had signed up for the 30-34 masters but I’m still a 4. I applied for an upgrade, didn’t go through so the put me in the 30-44 instead. :-( which means I’d double up Industry right after. Which means, I’ll probably just do the Industry…

          • Allen K

            Looking at the rules sheet, for “Masters & Collegiate” it says while UCI 33mm limit will not be enforced, “Riders must have no larger than 35mm tire & compete on CX bike.”


          • Not worried about it. The USAC officials told me they won’t measure tires for non UCI races. Period.

          • Eddy Edoardo Tullio Enzo

            So you’re not going to follow the rules because you don’t want to…even though you feel like your rule breaking gives you an advantage? I’m all about positive vibes here, but that kind of stinks.

          • USAC races don’t measure tires. This is a USAC event I’m going to race. I’m not breaking any rules. People race MTBs in USAC cross races.

            Besides, I’m doing non-championship races… So what’s the issue? All I see is a lot of misinformation and confusion. I asked the officials, so I’m not breaking rules. I’ve been racing all season on 40c tires. I’m 185 lbs and I like a bigger tire. They’re slower on straights, so it’s a give/take.

            Again, let me reiterate, I’m not breaking any rules. So what’s the big deal? Why do people care so much about what tire size I’m running? WHO CARES?

          • Eddy Edoardo Tullio Enzo

            I guess I’m misinterpreting what Allen K quoted and linked above. I don’t care what tires you run, just that everyone shows up and respects the rules (even if just in “spirit”). If Bonnie says you’re good, I suppose you’re good. MTBs aren’t allowed for these races, despite the fact that you can race them at other USAC races. Again, that’s just what it says on the race PDF, I’ve not spoken to any officials. Maybe it’s all confusion, but it seems pretty clear, except for Bonnie’s ruling. Anyway enjoy your race(s).

          • All good!

    • btdubs

      You’re gonna love the SL23s… On my bike They’ve gone places most road rims would shit their pants to even think about.

  • michaelvsShark
  • Noel Smith

    Sweet ride. How many bikes are you up to now, 10?

    • 1. Geekhouse Woodville
      2. Rosko MTB
      3. Indy Fab MTB
      4. Bishop Road
      5. Argonaut Road
      6. Icarus Track
      7. Stinner Cross
      8. Geekhouse Cross

      Anything else isn’t mine (demo, etc) or it was given to a friend that needed it more than I did.

      • Noel Smith

        Gave the fatbike away?

        • A friend has been borrowing it.

          • Nat Whittingham

            Howabout the FBM track?

          • I said, anything not on the list was given / lent to people that needed it more than me.

      • Frank

        What … no cargo bike? How about a 650b rando? Fat bike kitted out with bags from Scott? C’mon man … how am I supposed to live vicariously through such slim offerings? ;)

        And thanks for all of your work and inspiration this year. Happy to you!

  • Callaghan

    too disgusting bikes should be given !

  • Andrew Deane

    Nice bike. Any difference between the wolf tooth ring on your geek house and the SRAM Cx1 ring on this bike?

  • Felix

    the only thing i don’t like about this one is the blown up stem. looks a little bulgy on this straight build. otherwise this bike is effing great!

  • Tyler Morin

    Did you buy another one of those ENVE integrated stems? I was looking for them and didn’t see them for sale anymore on the vanilla/speedvagen webstore.

  • Andrew Wade

    Curious why you decided to go with 32 spoke rims?

  • Flammpunkt

    Stunning blue colour. Very useful to see what those WTB tyres look like on a bike. Clearance is not bad. Are they tubeless ready or did you just give it a go with the folding version?

    • I just gave them a go with the folding bead version and they’re working fine.

      • Flammpunkt

        Cool, thanks. The SL23s do give a pretty tight fit.