Speedvagen: F’ Yeah Olive Drab Disc Road Mar 12, 2015



Photos by Bob Huff

Sure, the paint, the build kit and everything about this bike is dialed. However, it’s easy to overlook that disc caliper mount. On the chainstay, there’s a hole that punches straight through, reducing vibration from the frame to the disc. That’s pretty ingenious.

See more photos at the Speedvagen Flickr.

  • Tyler Morin

    The bikes they’ve been putting out lately are just straight jaw dropping. These guys are seriously great!

  • hans

    not sure how i feel about disc brake road bikes as i have absolutely no experience with them, but that certainly is an innovative feature and looks clean too

  • JScriv

    Biggest bike boner in a long time!

  • John

    Is the idea behind the rear caliper mounting that the caliper itself supports the chainstay and seatstay?

  • Matthew Cole

    Such a bling bike … and then a mismatched Salsa QR. I so want Chris King to start making color-matched skewers to go with their hubs.

    • PAUL will be anodizing their skewers this year…

  • kermitonwheels

    Go away dammit

  • Rob Maybach

    whatever happened to the Speedvagen stem with internal cable routing for cantis?

    • They still sell it. I have one on my Stinner.

      • Kane

        Hey John have you had a chance to ride the SV road? Just wondering your thoughts on the discs? They sure do look amazing so they ride as nice as they look?